How to Host an Image in Your Post

I got an email the other day after posting a few pictures to this forum asking how to get images into my posts, and thought that if one person was interested enough to send me a message, then others might want to know how as well, and just hadn’t bothered to email. Here is a short guide.

[b]1. Intro (you read it)

  1. Image Hosts

  2. Getting Your Image into the Forum

  3. FAQ

  4. Closing Thoughts[/b]

2. Image Hosts
In order to get an image into the forums, you will need to host that image somewhere on the net. I use a few providers, but one of the easiest to work with is They are a free image hosting site that is very easy to deal with. You will need an account (and of course an email address to register with) to upload pictures. It will automatically re-size pictures for you and then give the link to copy and paste directly into your post. Pretty easy stuff once you get the hang of it.

2.1 Some other hosting companies I found with a quick search:

I am pretty happy with image Shack though.

3. Getting your image into the forum
This really depends on what site you use, so I will focus on Image Shack. It is very easy. Once you upload a picture you will go directly to a page with some links on it (see the image below). It is best to use one of the links titled ‘Clickable Thumbnail’, although I use the full image some times. The problem with that is that it really slows down some people with slow internet connections.

(If you have a lot of images in your post, it is sometimes a good idea to put a warning in the title, so people who know that it will slow down their machine to a stand still can just not clock on the post.)

4. FAQ
No questions so far, but I will be happy to add any to this post if anyone has any

5. Closing Thoughts
There are also harder ways to host images around, but I like to find an easy and fast way and just stay with it because it works. Happy image posting.

Interesting…even I didn’t know how to post photos. Thanks for the tip.

Just an FYI