How to I find who manufactures a private label product?

Does anyone know where to find out who is producing an item that a distributor is selling on their private label? I know there’s a way based on some of the numbers that they have to print on the box labels.

I tried a cheese from a distributor and would like to know who is packing it and see what other vendors are charging for the same product.

Awhile back this guy told me something idk how true it is…this is based on my limited experience
He said if you want to know where it was produced look at the stamp on the cardboard box. He said cardboard was alot cheaper to buy or make local than to ship.
Anyway I looked at all my products and he was accurate.
Its how I figured out who was making Syscos fries I bought. I thought I was going to save money buying direct from the original company but that’s not the case

Post a pic and I am sure someone here knows…I am familiar with Saputo products and can tell by plant numbers although they recently changed them. Better yet just ask your rep…this is not classified info!

It says “product of Wisconsin 44-442” and another spot says “10156 0800-82700” the brand is “Country Brand” and its a Ferraro Food product

not familiar with it…did your rep not answer the question?

I didn’t ask him. They don’t want you to know who packs their private labels because they know you will shop it for a better deal

I would try…I have never had a rep not tell me. If they are giving you a fair price they should not have to worry about you shopping around

Just let your rep know that you’re interested in the product and would like to know who packs it. They should find out for you.