How to judge what adding dine in will do to my sales

We added a nice 30 seat dining room in one of my pizza places, right now it does about 11k a week its my slower store, i was wondering how to judge what the dining room will add to sales.

I was looking for about 10-15% increase in sales. there is only 1 other pizza place in town with seating and its a trashy dive place with a bar.

My other store that has dine in does about 16k a week but its always had seating so its hard to tell what it would be with out seating


The smart a$$ response would be take total sales subtract non-dine-in and bingo… dine-in sales total. :stuck_out_tongue: The reality is I think it will be hard to judge because how many dine-in would have take out sales anyway. I think you just need to look at the big picture and see how overall sales go for the upcoming months. If you get that 10-15% increase then you know it has had some effect on sales. If things stay pretty level…then the take outs are eating in but your customer base has not changed. Have you advertised the new space yet? That will probably be the best thing to do. Offer a free breadsticks order to all dine-in customers for the month of December or January. You will make up for the lost dollar in cost for the sticks with the sales of pop and other beverages. They get a perk and you get people in seats!!! :idea: