How to keep Chicago Deep Dish Crust from falling?

Anyone have any suggestions on how to keep Chicago Deep Dish crust from falling? Pull it up the sides of the 2" pan and sometimes it falls down once in the oven. Anyone using something to keep it from falling? Looking for a way that’s easy so I can train employees. Thanks!

Are you parbaking the crust?

Let’s start with your dough recipe and how do you manage it? Might not be an employee issue, might be a recipe/handling issue.

Using a conveyor, so yes we par-bake just the crust for 4 mins first at 475 then dress it full and send it thru for a full run of 7 mins. During the par-bake, sometimes one of the sides of the crust will fall.

We do it pretty much the same way. We hand toss our dough to size and put in the pan and stick the pan in about half-way through the window. Then we build the pizza and run it through twice with a lid on it the second time. I guess having the dough slips once in a while but not often enough to be a concern to us.

Watch your dough absorption, if it is too high the dough will fall down from the side of the pan with distressing regularity.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor