How to keep pizzas warm - Large Order (for us anway)

We have a relatively new store and we received our first “large” order of 50 pizzas - but we agreed to put half a pizza per box - so 100 boxes. The idea is that each employee of our customer’s will get 4 slices or half of a large pizza - 14" or one box.

I have about 15 hot bags that I know can hold about 3 pizzas each so that will keep about half of the pizzas warm during transit. Short of buying additional bags, which is probably not financially feasible, what other suggestions might you have for keeping them warm during transport?

I believe it will be about a 10 minute trip (one way - 20 minute round trip) and they all HAVE to be delivered by so that EVERYONE is fed at the same time and they only have half hour to eat. We have threatened (by a wonderful customer and friend of our business) that we cannot hold up any of the workers who are eating - some union rule that they have to begin lunch at certain time and end at a certain time. So, I don’t think staggering deliveries will help in terms of re-using bags.

Look forward to everyone’s suggestions.

In the past when we do 100+ orders, we just stack the pizzas in a car. The mass of all the pizza’s together will hold temp for a short period of time. If the drive time is only 10 minutes one way, they should be ok. The trick is to keep them under the heat rack or inside the bags until it is time to move out.

If there is a Gordon Foods store in your area they sell cheap hot bags that are fabric but they are insulated. They only cost a couple bucks and they hold 4 or 5 pizzas. maybe search @ for something similar. Not ideal for everyday use, but perfect for a big order here and there. Good luck

One more bit of advice on the timing. Always give yourself an extra ten minutes then you think its gonna take just because of the size of the order it always seem to take a little longer. Loading and unloading and what not, and ive never had a complaint for being 5 min early with a delivery.

Thanks both of you. MIPIZZAGUY we are in MI too, and yeah we have a GFS Marketplace (40 of them actually) so I will look into that, great suggestion.

Yeah I have never missed a deadline and don’t plan to miss this one either, we will be early, but not too early!

Yeah thats pretty close to us maybe 45 min or so, we are right across the state lines in Temperance, MI. Thats perfect that you can just swing thruogh GFS and grab them. They are red in color and a little awkward for pizzas but definitely doable. Since your at doing half pizzas you could prolly do a med box and put more in each bag. Think they cost 4 bucks or so if I remember. I keep 4 of em @ just for orders like that

Perfect, I have to go tomorrow anyway so will look into it. I was almost wondering if I could get away with a 10" box, but have not experimented yet. Also, thinking what a PITA it could be to put in smaller boxes, so will have to balance that. They paid for the extra boxes, so no loss for me other than the “fun” of taking them out of oven.

Do you have 2 decks on your oven?

I have conveyor but two conveyors ovens, yes.

Yeah me too. my oven time is 5:30. If that order had to be there at noon I would have it prepped and set aside by 1030. I would start throwing it in the oven with a 1 inch gap between each pizza for packaging concerns and with it being the first time for such a large order at right @ 1115. You need to think about room for other orders taking up oven space for the duration of cook time as well. So if the order is going on when you would normally be busy take that into consideration.You’ll be good

Yes, sounds like good advice! I have done probably 100’s of order this size or larger (although my staff has not) so pretty comfortable with most of the logistics…just don’t have enough hot boxes or bags yet, so my primary concern was keeping warm enough. I am told they will be devoured in a ravenous eating frenzy moments after we deliver so at least they won’t sit long on the other end!

Awesome order. I would love to have 3 a day.

We have a school that orders about 60 every other month or so… of course their first order of the year is on Halloween (but at least it’s at 11:30) and it’s a delivery. We ordered 7 of the xl bags from Bag Solutions, they hold 10 14" boxes. They work good. If you ever have the funds I’d get a few of those. Ventilation isn’t great and the boxes get a bit soft but for a 10-15 minute drive it works. We don’t use them that often but we also loan them out to the football team for away games and other parents who are grateful to have something to keep the pizzas warm in who are hosting birthday parties, church fuctions, and whatnot. Just a little something extra that nobody in town would be willing to do, and those are the little touches that help in standing out from the crowd.