How to make Garlic Cream Cheese Dip? Please HElP!

I am looking to make Garlic Cream Cheese Dip at my pizza store! Any suggestions? Thanks

What are you dipping in it and do you intend to serve it hot or cold

I will be using the cream cheese dip for bread sticks and chessy bread.

Will you be heating up the dip or serVing cold

I would probably start by roasting some garlic, running that through a Robot Coup, (food processor) melting cream cheese in a bain marie, thin it with heavy cream, add the roasted garlic to taste, some kosher salt, and some fresh herbs and maybe some white pepper.

Are you sure you want cream cheese? That flavor just sounds funky to me. Do you have issues with a cheddar’ish cheese?
There is a white cheddar (American process) made by Land O Lakes thats sold under the name “Xtra Melt” it melts and thins out nicely with water, it holds well, and it has a spectacular taste & texture.
We use that for our chili cheese fries, and for a few other things. We get great feedback on the product.

I make our garlic cream cheese for the shop.

Philly Cream Cheese 3 #lb
Sour Cream 3 Tbl
Add 1 Tbl chopped garlic (We use Sams Club Spice World Minced Garlic) comes in a 48oz container
1-2 Tbl granulated garlic
chopped chives
Mix in mixer on low for a good 1/2 hr to an hr or so till its smooth and creamy

Our customers love it

I portion it out into 3 3/4 ounce cups & keep in cooler