how to make to prepare pasta

how does everyone prepare pasta if you onlyhave a oven?

Lets say I cook it then freeze it in portions, do i then microwave it and put it in the oven ?

i know places that keep a pot of water on the stove. Who sells pasta another method?


I personally cook all the pasta I think I will need for the night in the prep period and then get it to the required storing temp. In the event of an order I put the noodles in a strainer into a pot of water and leave there for about 5 minutes, not boiling mind you. I then restrain the pasta, put fresh sause over it. Put fresh Parm cheese on top and then put in the oven to cook everything toghether. Granted this is mostly spagetti for me but the principle still works.

any noodles not use by the end of the evening are thrown in the trash so make sure to make what you project tyou need, if you are running out you can always cook more pasta.

Hi, Before we expanded, we were getting alot of requests for pasta, but did not have a stove. We purchased a table top hot plate, and kept a pot of boiling water on it, we pre cooked the pasta aldente style, and bagged it in portions. Keep in mind it takes about 1/2 an hour to boil water, and is an extremely slow process. When we got an order, we threw the portioned pasta in the pot, and finished the cooking process. However, our pasta became so popular, we reorganized our kitchen, and added a 6 burner stove. It has paid for itself 10 times over so far, and it has only been a few months. We also use the stove to saute, and use a double boiler to keep our pasta sauces warm. Don’t know what I would do with out it now. Good luck!