how to portion raw shaved steak meat in a way that blood not all over place when about to cook it?

hi, so my problem is this - we sell lots philly cheese steaks and what we do is this - we portion them in plastic wrapper for portion control and store. when order comes , cook takes plastic wrap baggie from fridge and dumps content to grill. problem is this - first, he ll need to change gloves every time cause raw juice is all over his gloves, second - plastic wrap now needs to be tossed but its bloody so theres mess and steak red liquid all over our floor around trash bucket. has anyone came up with a better way? I want to portion control, but not deal with all the mess that comes with it?

Use sandwich bags. Minimum to NO mess if properly stored.
I’m not talking about the ziplock bags but similar size without the lock. Works really well :slight_smile:

It sounds like your guys are rolling the steak in plastic wrap and using way too much, which is frustrating to unravel and gets blood all over your gloves. Teach them how to use just barely enough wrap to hold it together. Grab the steak by one end and it should completly fall out with the smallest downward motion. Then keep a trash can closer