how to promote your text club

I have been working with quite a few pizzerias here in Buffalo, NY and wanted to share some great ways to promote your text loyalty club. Text has a reach of 98% while social media and email less than 20.

  1. Ask your customers if they have joined your VIP club yet. Every single one.
  2. Put an 8x11 on the back of your registers and 4x6 on tables promoting your keyword and offer.
  3. Put your text code in your menus, direct mail and all ads.
  4. Put prominently on your website with a pop up. Here is an example of a 4 location who got over 200 optins in the first week just from the website!
  5. Share on your social media daily. you only reach 10% organically each time you post, so pin to the top of your page and post often.
  6. Use place tips to put your text club in your facebook profile for when people use facebook in your business
  7. Money off now works best. could guarantees 5-7 extra visits per year which adds right up on hundreds of subscribers!
  8. Send a text2win offer out to your list to win a free lunch for up to 10, creating a new list to target with lunch take our and delivery offers!
  9. Put a facebook link in your text for people to share the club offer.
  10. Offer employees an incentive for signing up the most subscribers weekly. Track results on whiteboard!
    One of my clients sent his first text out to 43 people on a Monday night and sold 60 lg pizzas paying for 5 months of service with one text! Believe in it and you will achieve with it! I am looking for sales reps to hire in all markets if you know any great reps!

I just visited the site. I really like this. How is working so far?

Hi Sam, it’s working great, I have several pizzerias I work with. I would be happy to go over how you can use this if you would like to give me a call. I can learn more about your business and give you some options. 716-909-2601

I run the marketing for a small card room we have 1200 members in our text club. Text marketing is the most cost effective thing I have ever used. One thing it won’t bring you new customers, so it’s not the only thing but it works. Great for increasing frequency of current customers

Hello Warren, I just want to reply that yes it absolutely can bring you new customers! You just need to implement separate keywords in your different media assets. One of my clients has reserved around 20 keywords. In one of his direct mail campaigns he was able to get over 80 new subscribers. You just need to work with the right company and someone who specializes in this with the correct program. Another client has used a separate keyword I his radio campaign, another for his social media and has easily been picking up subscribers. They keywords help you better gauge what advertising is working and will save you money in your advertising budget down the road.

Potato patoado I like the idea of different keywords to track what advertising is working but it was that advertising that got them to sign up. My point was it works great but dont replace other advertising with it. One thing that works well for us is hotels. Instead of a flyer to hand out we have a sign in the hotel lobby that says get. $50 in casino coupons now. They text that keyword and get an offer plus a link to our webpage. I know when they head out their phone is with them and not on the nightstand

sms campaign ideas that encourage asap redemption =

For my pizza place that has 30% dine in and the rest carry out, it doesnt give me more that 1% return rate. 3% is usually really good in marketing and this company was promosing me up to 10% which I didn"t believe but I figured i’d try it(always open). I have been trying text messaging marketing for a year now but doesn’t seem to work any better than usual means of marketing. If anything I have given out tons of free stuff just to get people just to sign up, monthly fee’s, I have to beg them to send me invoice every month and the biggest problem of all is that every store that signs up uses the same text #…so people get multiple text all the time from same text number(Bike shop,pizza place, garage). Plus I think If you opt out of another business they loose ours too…
Invest in a nice APP for your store all the same benefits and cheaper in the long run

Hello Apostle, great info!

Thank you for taking the time to post it.

As a point of reference for everyone, can you please confirm the below:

  1. How many members make up your list
    2 What was your monthly fee and how many messages did that include
  2. How often did you send messages to your list…once a week, twice a month, once a month

When someone opts out of your list they do not opt out of everyone else’s list using the same sms short code ala 41411.

The list membership is dictated by the “keyword” that the client signed up under ala “pizza joes” “seattletan” etc. Each list/keyword must receive a direct “stop” request.

Beg someone to give you their money, that says all that needs to be said about professionalism of your sms provider and I would suggest that your marketing ROI would be better from an app, a different sms provider, smoke signals, just about anything vs. the experience you describe.

I have I think about 300 active members. About 90 of those are on the birthday club(free gift). I pay $95 for unlimited texts per month. I send out about 2-3 campaigns a week. Some weeks I send 1 or none.

Shannon, check your messages.

You can promote you next club by Interacting, for instance, Search engine optimization, social media optimization/marketing, Email marketing and PPC.