how to purchase a small mixer for testing?


I’ve opened a pizza takeout and delivery in HCMC Vietnam. I love what i do when things turn out right when the dough does what i think it will. It gives me a thrill like solving a math problem when i was younger. And I hate what i do when i can’t figure where the problem lies. I’ve been running a lot of tests but with a larger mixer because i can’t find smaller mixer with the same rpm or agitator speed. So I guess my question is how do i adjust the mixing time when the prospective small mixer I am about to buy is much faster than the large mixer I am using. Is there a formula for this? I am currently using a planetary mixer. I hope all you knowledgable people here can give me a hint to what i should do.


planetary mixers that I know run at the same speeds,
what planetary mixers are you going from and to…careful, that fast one may not be suitable for dough, may only whip light stuff like eggs