how to quaterback deliveries if i dont know area?

I’m not familiar with streets and we get multiple deliveries with only 1-2 drivers. so with 2 drivers I would need to organize them by directions they going to. or in case of one driver, I would still need to know directions they are going to so that I could make those 2 now and those 2 wait till driver estimate of arrival say 15 min. in either case I need to know where geographically deliveries are. but I don’t since I’m new to store and area. currents pos doesn’t have map (aldelo). so heres my plan - to have big magnetic board and big matching size map of my delivery area (with grids) same size so that if fits right over it (right over magnetic board). now I ll also have little magnets numbered 1-100 attached someplace close or around the map. slip holder with all instore deliveries will be across the map. it will be drivers responsibility when he back from deliveries to quickly walk up to map (since he is very familiar with area and knows all streets by heart) , look at all newly taken delivery slips and pick matching order number magnet (small circle with number sticker on top) and approximately place on top of map. so this way I ll know which deliveries go which way and how far they are. if 2 drivers , same thing … each one returns and spends 2 minutes (or less) to put up matching magnets(ticket number to match number on top of magnet) with newly arrived deliveries and when they depart they could probably take the magnets they currently (deliveries) taking off the map so that I know they are out. in case drivers super busy one of employees who is familiar with area (or knows how to use a map) will be doing this for them. do you think it will work? or was anyone in same situation? is there a solution that worked for you? please share.

If possible junk that pos system and get one with all the bells and whistles you need.

Pizza director with delivery IQ from foodtec solutions does all you need.

If your stuck with adelo, get to know the area like the back of your hand and forget the magnet idea.

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Not exactly sure what you’re trying to accomplish with all of that, but just use your smart phone to look up deliveries. We did that for years with no problems before we upgraded our POS system.

The mapping idea, could work 10 years ago…
In rush hours don’t expect anyone to be standing in front of the map trying to organize routes. It just won’t happen!
If you can’t/don’t or won’t spend the money to upgrade to a better system that can provide you with the information you need, then you’ll need to either know the area as RobT suggested or go with Mondo’s suggestion and use the maps on a smartphone or a laptop to quickly look up addresses.

Aldelo has maps integrated that still work as an alternative, but its really slow and not efficient at all!
You can download the [B][U]Microsoft MapPoint 2013 from here[/U][/B] , extract the files and install the software without the Aldelo Software running.
Then you can open Aldelo & navigate to: Back Office > Station Settings > Other Options > Extra Settings and add your address in the “MapPoint Home Address” as shown in the screenshot.

Make sure to open mappoint manually for the first time, and then it will route your deliveries when you click on “Show Map”.
While you can add multiple addresses at the same time, keep in mind that this is not the most efficient way!

FoodTec, Speedline & Revention are just few of the many POS systems that will do what you need and more!
(I have no affiliation with any of the above mentioned software/companies. Any details provided here are only for informational purposes)

Good luck!

Open up a browser on the computer with your POS. Google maps the deliveries. Do this all day every day. Learn the area. Really it takes no more than 1 minute to type in the address and look it up. Maps on the wall are nice to have. I like ours. Not sure though if we would buy one if we were to open a new one though.

Wow, just realized we don’t have our map up anymore. Took it down to clean the walls some time ago and just forgot to put it back up. Everyone has a phone.

You really don’t need to know specific addresses, just major cross streets. If you enter the cross streets with every delivery its real easy to determine where they are at a glance.

You will be surprised how fast you can learn a delivery area. Cranky customers calling with the " where’s my pizza " will speed up the learning curve even more.

Every time a delivery comes in… look it up.

Does your area have a somewhat organized city block number system, or is more of a rural route area?

But yea, upgrade your system asap. The learning curve with new drivers will drop dramatically

I had the same issue with one of our stores. I scheduled myself as a daytime driver for a week and a half; that’s about all it took to learn the area. If you’re able to get out of the store to do that then you’ll be good. It’s also a great way to get to know your customers that don’t ever set foot in your store.

Mike is right. Take one driving shift a week for a month and you will have it down.

Look into Speedline Solutions. Their mapping system is absolutely phenomenal. PM me if you have any questions

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We use Prism and it works very well for us. Every street is marked off into a sector so we can use the routing screen and see exactly what deliveries go together. There’s also a new app called Rapid Run that allows me to use GPS navigation to see exactly where the drivers are. So if a customers calls asking where they’re food is, I can tell them.

You will learn the area real quick but if you are still having issues you can zone your streets. Take your delivery area and split it up into zones (zone 1, zone 2 ect) then list all the streets in each zone and post it up. Anything in the same zone can go together.