How to reverse conveyor motor

Hello all,

I have a Blodgett MG-32 and I can’t seem to figure out how to reverse the conveyor direction. Attached are pictures of the oven, the motor connector, and the wire.


Generally reversing the wires connecting the power to the devise will change the direction.

if it’s a DC motor then reversing the wires will change direction. If it’s AC then reversing the wires might change direction but unlikely.

Hi Joe. I’m can’t clearly see the P1 pins in your picture. However, I believe they are on the right side of your full circuit board photo. There should be 3 silver pins sticking out next to a label that says P1. Two of the pins are covered by a connecting cap that completes the circuit. If you pull off that cap to expose all 3 pins and move it to cover the center pin (that was already covered) and the pin that was not covered, it should change the direction of your motor. Hope that works. Let me know if you need more detail or a photo.