how to ring up 3rd party orders in my POS?

so orders say from ubereats come to tablet , I need/want to put them into pos so that proper items go to proper printers , but the problem is that if I do that I just ringed up a sale that actually didn’t happen and there wont be money at the end of the day for this transaction, so drawer will be short. how to not have a drawer short? should I void them end of the night ? ring them up as paid by gift card? save all the tickets, so that I know exactly how much drawer will be short for? anything better/less annoying that what I have mentioned?

Create a “Third Party” Tender

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If you can’t create a 3rd-party tender, you could create a PoS entry at the end of the night in Cash Paid Outs for the total amount of 3rd party sales as an Account Receivable. At the end of the week when you receive the summary, your book keeper would make an entry in your accounting/books to zero out the Account Receivable amount balanced against entries to record the Cash Deposit less an expense entry for Fees.

We ring them in to our system and have a 3rd party markup key to add the difference in price. It is .01 so if the price is different by$ 3.12, we ring in 312 3rd party markup. Then when cashing out at end of evening, treat the total dollar amount done by 3rd party for the day similar to credit cards and subtract from the total. For example … Gross total - credit cards - gift cards - paid outs - 3rd party = cash due for deposit.