How to safetly store used wing sauce?

Hi, we deep fry already cooked wings, then toss in a steam table pan of the sauce of choice. I’ve heard two methods of what to do with the sauce at the end of the night: 1. you have to throw all unused sauce away; 2. put plastic wrap over the sauce container and it’s ok to just keep refilling and reusing. Which is the method you use? (BTW we use a BBQ, hot, a vinegar based, garlic butter and chipotle)

Are you storing all of the sauce in the container throughout the day? We portion the amount of sauce for the wing order size into the container and then toss the wings in there. Our sauces are stored in the gallon bottles and we use a portion pump on it to portion the sauce used per order. Throughout the day there will be a small buildup of sauce in the container, but nothing more than a couple ounces. Most of the sauce drains out when we dump the wings into the to-go container.

Yes, the sauce is stored in the same container all day and reused. I’m just wondering about the safety if it’s left at room temp all the time and continuously used over and over.

Ok so you are mixing order after order of wings in the same sauce that sits out all day at room temp? All of that is so wrong! You are exposing all of your customers to foodborne illnesses. You are lucky that nobody has gotten seriously ill yet…that you know of! Some sauces can be stored at room temp and some need to be held either above 145 or below 40… but you NEVER want to mix a new order of any food item in a sauce that has already been in contact with a previous order…especially chicken and olther meat products. You are really asking for a problem with this process. No offense but this post is really scary if I am reading this correctly. Please clarify the whole holding and prep process for us and if this is how it currently happens…I would tell you to stop immediately and get someone into your establishment to help train and educate both you and all of your employees on proper food storage, handling, and preparation practices.

You purchase previously cooked wings? What’s wrong with you.
Fresh, unbreaded, uncooked wings are cheaper and taste a lot better than the pre cooked garbage.

You fry the unbreaded wings, toss them with a portioned amount of sauce and serve. 'Look at the Jugg hanlde Inn in NJ. They are the best wings on the planet and they fry raw, unbreaded wings and simply toss them with the sauce of choice in a bowl/. They have even been featured on food network 'best thing I ever ate" show.

If you are buying pre-cooked trash to save time then you are sacrificing quality for convenience. It’s an insult to your customers and they will realize this.

I repeat - raw, unbreaded wings taste better and are cheaper than the pre-prepared crap you are buying.


Well. Never mind.

Well welcome to the TT Star! I would just like to say it is a bit offensive that in your first two of two posts you have told us all that Tom’s recipes suck and this poster (Shell) sells crap, trash, and garbage. I get the feeling you really dislike precooked wings! While opinions are always welcome…you seem to jump right in with the attitude of your way or the highway. I am a lot more concerned with this posters handling of food products than if he uses a precooked or raw wing to start with. There are plenty of opinions on what is the better product when dealing with wings and many other menu items. Maybe it’s just me but some would use a more tactful approach to sharing their opinions and views. Just a thought! :idea:

Starpizza must be the dish boy at the Hut.

I apologize to everyone here. I was belligerent, obnoxious, and just a plain A-hole. Drinking alone and going on a forum is a bad idea.

OK we all agree Star’s approach sucks! I am really more concerned with Shells food handling and storage. He is in serious need of help with this issue. Shell…where are you located and are you the owner/manager? Just an employee? I highly recommend outside assistance if this is going on. You are putting the general public at extreme risk right now unless I am totally reading this wrong…but I think I have this straight. Let us help as best we can and direct you towards someone local to really step in with a safety plan for all your food storage and prep needs. I am not trying to sound mean or offensive but this is a real issue that can lead to very serious outcomes. Please let us assist. :!:

Let’s review actual time-temp food safety guidleines. The food safety code provides that an at risk cooked food item may be held outside of tmeperature control for 4 hours from the time it leaves control. So, that means that there is a safe window for tossing wings in the same bowl, assuming that they are saely cooked in the first place. We had a written plan for using time as control for our pizza sauce cups. We would set out X number of cupped sauces, and record the time. Let’s the be not ice cold. the drawback for this is that we had to ditch anything we didn’t use, period. No fudging or saying, it was only 3 hours. Once down the timed safety road, there is no returning - one way trip no matter haw far you go.

The very 1st batch left temp at 12pm, then the bowl should be swapped out AT LEAST by 4pm. My mileage may be off, and you can let me kow if my interpretation is wrong.

Nick I am not sure I am correct here but I “think” you are right and wrong because of one item. You are not just holding a cooked or prepared item at or off temp. You are now adding more prepared to temp items and in doing so you now spike the temp back up and promote growth of all the nasty things you do not want to have in there in the first place. You are cross contaminating everytime you reuse that pan with the sauce. I know that people that sell wings almost always take a bowl…add sauce and wings…then flip to mix. This instance it sounds like they are adding the wings to the entire pan of sauce and doing this over and over and at room temp and then trying to save the sauce for later use on top of that. If this is the case… I cannot believe that this would fly anywhere. I could see using a bowl for a few orders and then going to a clean one as deemed but this daylong process and then saving the sauce… it yells EWW EWW EWW!!! I am waiting to hear Shell say this is not the case…but I think it is. This turns my stomach!