how to tell people to leave 5 star review if they satisfied (and not 3or 4)

so there s company (like 3rd party ) that gives me some customers (they able to accumulate points on there airline or something like that), and ppl able to leave me a review . and they do. but the problem is that even when they state how everything was great and delivery was fast and order accurate, they still rate me 3 or 4 stars and not 5. im able to respond to them privately or publicly. I want to respond to them something along those lines - “hey thank you for your visit and the review. please understand that we are striving to reach 4.5 stars rating. if you fully satisfied with your order please update your review to 5 stars. Thank you for understanding”. or how would you approach this? same with yelp… ppl say good things but being cheap on stars for some reason, how to convince them to up their rating?

Why don’t you ask them privately like you said we strive for five stars what could we have done differently that would have achieved that rating from you? See what they respond back with or if they change their rating.

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if the service is worth 5 stars then they will leave it on their own without you asking for it

just make sure you give 110% effort heart and passion in everything that you give out and trust mee you will get more 5 star reviews than you will know what to do with… I got 40 5 star reviews when I opened my restaurant only people that didn’t give me 5 stars gave me 4 start because they said it tool too long for me to make their food… granted I am running the shop on my own with no employees and people see me hustling and making the food as best I can so they respect that plus I always smile to the customer and treat them like royalty no matter what even if they Giving me a hard time

George, my goal is to not be there providing super service 7 days a week all day. but to not be there and if people happy, to leave me stars I deserved. and if in their comments they only say positive things… well that’s sounds like should be a minimum of 4 stars, and never never never 3. would it be rude to reply publicly for few of these so ppl kinda read that and get my drift?

Ask for the reviews privately, thats what i do. Especially if they are your regulars do it without a doubt. I say “Hey so i know you love our pizza do you mind leaving us a quick 5 star google or facebook review, whichever is easiest for you? It really helps us a lot”. Just be confident and keep it short and sweet with them, they will totally understand. Some will do it and some wont so dont worry its worth it.