How would you handle this employee infraction?

I recently had an incident, unrelated to this, occur at my store that made me have to go through my camera footage. While researching that incident I observed my new store manager (about one month recently promoted after leaving another job for the position), and the driver (who are close friends with one another) walk good out of the store without paying for it.

Curious I researched as far back as I could on the footage (21 days), and almost every time the manager worked, her and the driver were walking out with some type of food. Now everyone is aware that they get 50% off of food, but nothing has ever been mentioned or discussed about free food. On one occasion she did ask me if she could make food, and pay me on payday, which I allowed.

When confronted about making free food the manager initially stated she did not remember making the food. Then when I showed an itemized list as seen on the video, with dates and times, she said she was going to pay for it when she got paid. I then pointed out that several of the orders were from last pay period, and she said she must just have forgotten.

I personally want to believe that it is as innocent as she is trying to make it out to be, but I just don’t buy it. She has not been an employee for very long, and was hired as we both worked together at a previous company. Her work is just so / so, nothing crazy. I am stuck as to what to do in this situation. Any opinion would be greatly appreciated.

You opened the door for her to play “forgot” by allowing the “I’ll pay for it on payday” on the first place. Now that put you in this position. We both know she didn’t forget last pay period, and she wasn’t planning to pay this pay period either.

You don’t mention the driver. What did the driver have to say about the food they took?

Why would someone with a job need to borrow money for food anyway?

Yeah, lesson learned on the first time. Kicking myself for that as it did of course set somewhat of a precedence.

The driver made the same statement, that they were going to ring them up they just forgot.

That is the other part of it that makes no sense. They get half off, so each item would have been somewhere around $5.

This thread reminds me of 2 of the many absolutes in this business:

  1. No matter what, people are stealing food from you.

  2. If you look at video for A, you will also find B, C and D that you were not looking for.

I have a policy that nothing gets made without a bill, even for me. I also allow staff to charge their food against their pay check. What you are describing is theft and is grounds for termination.

Having a policy is one thing, enforcing it is another. I’m sure we all have similar policies. Knowing that someone is not following said policies is the real problem.

So… Has it happened since?

I would go with Daddio’s suggestion. Every order gets rung up. Enter the charge sale at 50% off.

If it happens again, fire her.

And how will he know if it happens again? From that point on he has to watch video every time she works?

Of course it will happen again, especially after the next time she doesn’t get caught.

So why waste any time trying to catch her. Either fire her now or decide to put up with it.

Might be hijacking this thread, but do you guys let your staff eat for free when they are working? My policy is I always let them eat for free while working. Any large order is 50% off. If anyone makes a large order for free would be immediate termination. I found that letting them eat for free every shift after about the first couple of weeks, they get tired of it, and regulate themselves. Then again, i might be off on this.

Openers and closers get one free item (oven cooked), everyone pays 50% no exceptions.