How would you handle this guy?

I apologize in advance for the length of this post.

About three weeks ago we hired on a new cook which seemed like a good thing because we’ve recently seen an increase in business and were not just a little short handed.

Now in the eighteen years I’ve worked for this place, employees have had the option of taking cash advances. If you had enough hours on your time card and if there was enough cash in the drawer you could take a “draw” and it would come out of your next paycheck. We usually make the limit about $20.00; more in certain situations. It has certainly helped me out when I was a little short on rent on needed to get bills paid by a certain time.

From day one this new employee has asked for draws. At first it was $10.00 here $10.00 there. Then one day he calls and says he’s being kicked out by his roommates and isn’t going to be able to make it in but can he take a draw for $25.00 so he can stay at one of those places that offer temporary residence. Okay, so he shows up to work the next day and now he’s asking for $30. Well the guy’s down on his luck and he seems to be doing a pretty good job so he keeps asking and we keep accommodating.

So Saturday he calls and says he’s going to be late because he hurt his back at his other job. Fine, we’ll just hold the fort down until he gets in. So he calls again about 15 minutes after he’s supposed to be there and says he’s not going to make it in because he’s going to the doctor but he’ll for sure be in Sunday with all the documentation. Well Sunday rolls around and I go in an hour before my shift starts to make a batch of dough. The day manager tells me that this guy isn’t coming in, but will be in on Tuesday (we’re closed labor day) So we get busy and I have to call the owner in. Halfway through the shift this guy calls wanting to take another draw to fill a perscription. So the owner goes over his time card and sees that there is not enough hours to warrant another draw. Now this guy starts to hem and haw “Come on, you’re the only one who can help me, please help me out, I really need this blah blah blah.” The owner keeps trying to explain and the guy just won’t take no for an answer. It gets to the point where I have to call the owner off the phone because we’re starting to get backed up.

The owner and I have been friends since before he bought into the place. He has a good heart and would give you the shirt off his back. There have been many times that he has helped me out in a pinch and in return I try to do the best job I can for him. Unfortunately the owner is really not too good (nor am I) at handling confrontational situations.

Now this new employee appears to be the kind of guy to see just how far he can push his limits. And I think it’s only obvious he’s taking advantage of the owner’s good will and non confrontational nature.

I am just a little suspect to his other work “injury” and think he may be just using that to try to win sympathy and thus get more money. Even if his injury were real, why is his other employer not helping him out?
He claims he broke his back. My mother broke her back when she was 12 years old and let me tell you she was in no condition to work at all for years and yet this guy plans to show up for work on Tuesday.

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I’ve started a new job. I laid low, did my job, kept my mouth shut, and even if I knew I was able to take draws wouldn’t have dreamed of asking for one in the first few months let alone the very first day then continuing to ask for draws to the point where my paycheck was in danger of being in the negative.

So with all that long winded information. How would you handle this guy?
Would you cut him loose?
Would you wait to see his “Doctor’s Note”
Would you, in a sense, let him dictate policy and do away with “draws” all together? (I know it’s a loaded question)

If this guy is let go. We have a few more applicants on file that would be happy to fill his position.

Personally I don’t want to see my friend being taken advantage of. But in the end it is his decision. I’ve already told him my thoughts. Now I turn to you for your opinions.

Thanks again for reading this long post,
Your comments are appreciated.

It is because of guys like that I don’t give draws to anyone. I had a guy who had every excuse in the book for needing money and would bug me through the whole shift. I finally told him that the next time he asked I would take that as his resignation. I had to wait 1 day for him to resign.

As far as his injury at the other job where is his workers compensation coverage.

That’s just it. I don’t even know if there IS another job. From what he tells us he’s just helping out a guy for some extra money. So I don’t know if there would be workers compensation or not.

I guess u guys arent from the streets , all these signs are of a drug user and do not give him 1 more dime!!! I would tell him cash advance is what it means no hours no pay. Simple as that when he goes into his pathetic excuses , u give yours on what bills u have to pay. Hell stop asking…

Yeah. Just what kind of “perscription” is this guy trying to fill at an hour when virtually no pharmacies are open.

another aspect is that it sounds like he is not even working there now, just calling in to get draws,
I’d give him his last draw, to what is on his time card, if anything left, and let him go
otherwise, this could be the same thing between every paycheck, more or less
a problem you can avoid,

hope that helps,

:? its drugs-----if you dont cut him right off–dont give him any advances–state that he abused the right-- and if he does work until payday---- he will have lots of money (and friends) he will then call in sick the next 3 days–3 days is usually how much a payday in drugs will last lol

I would warn the owner that this is the kind of guy who if disgruntled might try to do other things, like break in or take money while on shift.

Not to alarm but I would try to gently leg out of the relationship if I were in your shoes.

…my thoughts exactly,

Get rid of him. No excuse. I used to give advances…never a cash draw out of the till that’s like playing with fire. But a few times I had employees ask for their check early or a draw…once that dam opened I think 50% of my employees asked for thier checks early or a draw.

I finally put a stop on all of it. NO more. And no more stressfull headaches. Believe me it was tough because I like to think of my employees as friends sometimes…but that ends when money is involved. They all know it now and I get no more awkward situations.

If your boss is so inclined to still give draws…I would say everyone is limited to 1 draw a year. He might get some " ah man’s" but there is nobody else that I know of that would even think of giving a draw out of the till.

Wow I am still astonished you give money out of the till… :roll:

Unaccceptable behavior on his part. Cut him loose and don’t think twice about it- plain and simple.

I agree w/ pretty much everyone else here - next time he calls, tell him you’re sorry, but he’s been voted off the island.

I too allow my employees advances, but have told them that they’re kimited to 1 per pay period (we go twice a month) for up to 75% of what they’ve got coming. Letting these kids take as many as they want has to make doing payroll a lot more difficult.

I guess that, as far as advances are concerned, I’m probably going to give in anyway, why listen to their sob story for 2-3 hours first? Also, I think that it makes it less likely for them to just sneak the cash out of the register while no one else is looking.

Voted off the island . . . and set up a written policy wherein draws area benefit of employment AFTER the probationary period is over. After 60 or 90 dyas , you can get some sort of feel if the new person is worth the effort to seriously commit to and offer the perks your long-timers get.

its a druggie. i had a girl who would do this every night she worked, until i made her quit. I embarrassed her in front of everyone @ the store. she claimed she needed it for her bills, when i said… you have no bills. you live @ home, you don’t pay rent, you don’t have a car, you don’t pay insurance.

You give people an inch, they take a foot.

Tell your goodhearted boss to cut him loose. You can’t sit around waiting for him to show up for work, and wind up working a man down every night.

What ever it is, it is inappropriate! :shock:

Draws should never be done and in fact, I pay my employees the following Friday for last weeks pay. Doing that naturally weeded out the employees that have to live check by check and need money all the time.

Running a biz has enough distractions. You can remain nice but you have to toughen up when someone is out of line. Fearing confrontation will make you sick, believe me, been there, done that. I suffered for years with a crazy pie man, he was literally nuts and I put up with his crap and I was living a biz life dictated by the pieman maniac. Don’t be nice just because you want to make people happy, say no when it’s outside the boudaries of your employee manual.

Employees need to know the do’s and don’ts of your biz, so use your employee manual to spell it out. PLEASE!! Its not even my biz and stuff like this makes me crazy! :wink: Good luck!

i would give him 100 dollars no just kidding

i ll let him go he is not reliable if he does not treat his job with repspect you ll see more of him

I smell drugs. A learning lesson I took in a very swift swoop.

A release from the doctor after a broken back should be required to return to work. In the mean time, get your Owner in to cover his shifts.


I don’t even give out pay checks early any more. I had too many come to get checks then 2 hours later call in sick… The one I had that consistently asks for pay advances started to complain that she never had a paycheck left and it was my fault so the next time she asked I told her no, she quit the next day.and she hasn’t worked more then 1 week any place else in the past 9 months.

Yeah he’s called in the last few days saying he’s not going to be able to make it cause he’s “really screwed up his back.” But he’ll be in sometime with the “proper documentation”


He’s outta there.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. I shared this thread with my boss and he agrees with y’all.

See you on the next thread