Howdy, just stepping out of the shadows.

I know there was a link somewhere to “introduce yourself”…but my eyes are crossed from trying to find it again.

I just wanted to pop in and like many before, and I’m sure many to follow, say “howdy” and thanks too for all the info you freely give to his board. I’m like many, am trying to decide if I really was the happiest in my life 30 some years back when tossing dough and working the ovens…or if it was just the beer. Stable in my career, been with the same place (auto parts) for 33 years now. I managed it, I owned it, I manage it again…but still that perfect 16" crust coming out of my oven with all it’s bubbly goodness keeps me coming back to “this is what I need to do”.

So…I’ll continue to read all the posts, …all the posts! And who knows, maybe my little town will see me with flour under my fingernails instead of motor oil someday soon.

Thanks for your great info and support.


Hi Deacon, and welcome!

What part of “east-central Illinois” are you in?

We’re in the heart of flat-land country…Gibson City, little town of 3500 ideally located about 30 minutes north of Champaign & the University of Illinois, and 30 miles east of Bloomington with ISU, State Farm and all the rest. We’re a “growing again” community with a lot of positives and more on the horizon I think. Nice to “meet” you Piper!

I graduated from the U of I, so that’s why I asked. I figured you were near there.

What’s weird is that my wife’s (then girlfriend) roommate at U of I was from Gibson City!

Welcome Deacon V

Should you decide to establish a pizza shop we will be happy to do a professional floor plan for you at no charge.

George Mills

WHAT!?!?!? :shock:

Dang, I wish I woulda knew that before I built my place! And I also wish I didn’t read that lol.

wow…small small ain’t it Piper! Anyone I may know? Remember, it’s a small town, chances are I’ve run across her or her parents in my years here!

(George) - Thank you more than you may know, your kind words on this board to many folks, as well as your rapid attention to yet another “dreamer” have already shown me that YOU are the distributor we all need! If God continues to smile on this little obession, then I will most certainly be in touch to take you up on your offer!!



Welcome to the Think Tank–and possibly back into the pizza world!!! We’re always glad to see a pizza man return to his roots. I’ve yet to meet an unhappy pizzeria operator; pizza just makes people happy.

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