How's business?

How was everybody’s summer? I’ve heard around the boards that August has been unusually slow. Who’s looking to rebound soon?

We really dropped off since the Lakers won in June. July was the first month in over two years we did not increase sales over the previous year. August has been a little more off as well. It appears more people took vacation this year than they have been. Talked to a lot of businesses who have echoed the same sediments. The County Fair has been going on for the past month which usually takes some steam off as well. Thursday nights have been busier than normal leaving the weekends lighter as people have already left town. They gym on the weekends has really been quite. Overall, I think lunch has seen the biggest drop off.

Yeah…weekends have been real quiet for the last month or so. As stated, people seem to be doing “mini vacations” on the weekends vs. 2 weeks all at one time.

Business is doing great here, but my weekends have been really stale compared to the growth I’m seeing in weekday sales (lunches are doing great too).

Hadn’t thought about the mini-vacations, I know we have slipped out of town a few times this summer on Monday or Tuesday nights (which is my weekend), so maybe that’s why I’m seeing the odd growth pattern.

Had my stongest year with growth until mid july thru august. My business has dropped considerably this past month and half.

Vacations,competition,not enough advertising,unhappy customers,extreme hot summer,people slowing on pizza eating,economy,depressing news all day long about how bad things are,employee’s stealing,food quality is not where is suppose to be at,the 3 hot waitresses that have moved on,a spyder web in the corner a customer saw,that dirty mark on the floor that only I see but somehow in my mind stops a customer from coming back,that one fly that seems to live forever and (in my mind) lands on every dine ins nose, that extension cord visible, and so on and on and on…

Like I said before, If your not bi-polar, you will be after this business :smiley: :x :cry: :? :shock:


I get the feeling things are picking up based on the pace of new orders for magnets coming my way…Although it appears Canada is improving faster than the US…

We’ve only been around for 6 months so I have nothing to compare it to, but our sales have tanked with the start up of schools around here. Everyone pre-warned us to not be surprised…and they were right. I’m hoping they’ll also be right about business all coming rushing back with the first paycheck after classes start (next Friday). Seems folks tighten up till they realized they survived another “back to school” blood-letting.

We’re gearing up with some new advertising and have started a “Carry-Out Club” using a nice reusable canvas bag with our logo and info on it. Free 20 oz drink every time you use it to carry out an order, and we’ll pop in some extra goodies for handing out to folks if we “catch” you using your bag at the grocery store etc.

Here’s hoping Labor Day gets here quickly, Daddy needs new shoes.

We’ve been open for 10 years and this is our worst summer ever. Many area layoffs have impacted our lunch biz tremendously

This has been my best year yet, we almost tanked last year and this year is going awesome

well i guess its all in the wording of your heading how much response you get

but to your post at least i know its not just us and this is everywhere thanks for putting my mind at ease


I’m down 9.1 for July and 8.6% for Aug.

Those that are down for these months, what’s the percentage?