HS football crowd

how do you get customers to come in after a game
we are across the street from the scool and dont get a aftergame crowd.
other places close early and the ones that are open dont get the crowd neither.
any suggestion on how to get them in (special offers or deals?)

I would say show up at the games, and support the team. If you and your business are loyal supporters of them, then I am sure they will quickly become supporters of your place. Make sure that You are ready for them when they come though, and help them celebrate the wins, or forget about about the ones they lose.

An “ad” over the PA system? Hand out coupons at the ticket counter ($2 off large pizza with ticket stub)? Free pizza for the team (depends on number of players – and they CAN eat), but perhaps their families will join them.

Support the SCHOOL, not the football team though. How about a free 10" pizza for those who make the honor roll, or something like that? Don’t forget the band geeks too. :slight_smile:

Why not send as many people/drivers as you can spare for 5 minutes over to the stadium just as the crowd is starting to leave. Hand out a $$ off coupon as fast as you can with an expiration date of today.

I am one of the former band geeks Snowman talks about. After every game we went back to someone’s house and ordered pizza for 20-30 people. Try going over to the field several hours before the game, the band is usually practicing (you should be able to hear it from the shop). Give the drum major (big furry hat, baton, whistle) some coupons and the sales pitch. Word will spread. Offer to do a fundraiser with the band boosters, like all pizza ordered after the game till close, donate profit, etc. That will get you lots of free publicity. The athletes are usually flush with cash but the band has to work to raise it, and they are always more reliable than athletes are IMHO. :twisted:

Often, the BAND boosters run the concession stand. They split the profits with the football team. So… meet with the band boosters and see if you can provide pizza for the concession stand. Be careful as this is a double-edged sword. You need your pizza to hit the customers HOT and FRESH. You may need to provide a heated merchandiser and make sure to make frequent runs (have your driver look at the slices left and make sure they’re still “good”). Your logo on the pizza merchandiser would be great. Perhaps offer slice containers with your logo on them. You’re NOT going to make a profit off these slices, but you are going to get your pizza into potential customers’ mouths.

The band boosters have meetings, usually on early weekday nights, perhaps they could meet at your place?

are they selling pizza in the concession stand? is it yours? if it isn’t, why not? we sell in 4 different football concession stands. it makes for a crazy friday night but we also get the return business “where’s the pizza from” in your case all they’d have to do is point across the street.

the concession stand does not sell pizza and ive offered them to do so but they just kinda waved me off (never got back with me).
the band booster has worked with me before on fundraiser for uniforms and they did really well.
I kinda like the coupon idea at the gate.
thanks guys

I get alot of the football fans business by sponsering the offence and defence players of the game they each get a 10" pizza and most of the fans are the players friends and relitives so they remember what I do for the team. The coupons and menues work well to.