HS pizza pleezer pans

Anybody out there using these plastic serving pans that help keep the pizza from getting soggy.
I used one as a customer and have 2 coming to try. Looks like a good idea, just wanted to get feed back from anyone using them.


http://www.zesco.com//products.cfm?subCatID=1652&PGroupID=040604AZ01 is what I found from googling. I didn’t realize they were plastic. I’ve seen them in use – at Chuck E. Cheese. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t use them. I also can’t say that I think they “work”… unless you’re serving a very crispy cracker crust, the crust is just going to mold to the pan anyway. However, I’ve never tried them side-by-side with a regular pan, so it sounds like you’re going the right route.

I’m curious as to your findings. Again, my concern is that it looks too Chuck E. Cheese for me – that’s all I can think about when I see them. But if the experiment works out, you’ve got an advantage over the competition.

If you find they work, PERHAPS it’d be worth talking to AM. They offer nibs, perfs, and feet. http://www.amnow.com/pizzaTrays/coupeStyle.html. Again, it’s more just to have something that doesn’t scream Chuck E. Cheese.

I’m curious to see what you decide Otis. We currently just use a flat metal pan, and they get SO HOT, you can barely carry them 15 seconds after putting a pizza on them. Something like this might solve that problem too.


I liked it as a customer.
There are more options, like preforated pans with nibs on the bottum, which seem like they may work well.
Look forward to getting to see you around July 1st when I am by that way.