Huge fresh whole wings

Is anyone else experiencing fresh whole wings are a lot larger then normal. Our supplier tells us it is a nationwide problem. I need some input please. Thanks

It would seem to me that you would experience the opposite effect this time of year. I have always been under the impression that during the Super Bowl season, more wings are being sold so chickens are being slaughtered earlier, meaning smaller wings. Just what I’ve been told, but what do I know, I use precooked frozen wings.

We actually market “Jumbo” wings and found that our wings were coming in on the small side. We were actually giving people more wings in their order to compensate.

We now get a specific brand of wings which are consistently “jumbo”.

What I believe we may be experiencing is a market solution to meeting the outrageous Super Bowl demand. I would hazzard a WAG that they are putting into the wing market wings that are generally not out there . . . .form the older birds that are slaughtered for other reasons. The hugest wings may not generally get into the retail food steam, but have to be there to meet the seasonal demand.

Just a WAG, though.

That last was mine. I forgot to sign in.

28oz for 10 wings! Jumbo used to be 8/10# now are 4/6 #
I think the growers have figured out that we sell by the piece not by the pound.We now have a food cost of 47% for 10 wings at 7.95

I buy mine by the size and not by the fun word label. I buy 6-9 wings rather than “jumbo”, so at least I have a range of how much I get hosed when they come in too big. I suggest getting into a brand or label that sells by count per pound. It really is the only way to go with wings AND shrimp.

We use regular size “party wings”. Only thing available last week were jumbos–real nice, but food cost sucks. When I re-do menu soon I’ll switch and sell as “Jumbo”. regular size were back this week and man do they look tiny! we’re putting couple xtra to compensate.