Hummus Pizza

We make a hummus pizza and calzone. Flavored hummus instead of sauce, all veggies and no cheese. Completely vegan and vegetarian. Anyone else ever try it?

This sounds interesting. Can you provide some detail as to how you make the pizza?

You can put whatever toppings you want other than meat. Use Hummus as a base and whatever toppings you use will stick to the hummus. NO Cheese of course. You can use different Hummus flavors.

Hasn’t anyone tried this pie yet? We make one with Hummus, mozzarella, garlic, tomato, & broccoli. We have customers telling us that they might not ever eat a regular pizza again. I use it as a special.

not a bad idea, im seeing more and more vegans and veggies everyday.


We did this as a pizza of the month.

We made it veggie, not vegan because we used cheese but it had the following toppings…
Homemade hummus
mozz cheese
kalamata olives
cucumber…yes cucumber

Went over so well we are considering adding it to our menu when we redo them!

Do you cook the cucumber or do you add it after?

We cooked the cucumber on it…

Got a lot of flack for it back when I said I did it on the think tank but you have to try it!

They do not get to soggy, do not release hardly any water so no worries there, and come out warm but not hot because of the water in them.

We are redoing our menus for 2009 and it is going on as a specialty pizza available all the time because of the response from healthy diners…

We’ve sold Hummus as a dip for our breadsticks for years, but I’ve never tried it as a pizza “sauce.” I guess “hot hummus” just doesn’t sound quite right to me. I’m going to make one for lunch tomorrow to try it, I’ll report back on my findings…

Edit: I think our Hummus is just a bit too thick to be a pizza base. Was just okay - not bad, not great. Maybe I’ll try baking off a pizza shell and adding the hummus & veggies after it has cooled a bit like I sometimes make with ranch dressing as the base.

We try hummus pizza in our place-test good ,but I like regular pizza -i guess I’m addicted to pizza… :slight_smile: :o