hunger rush

does anyone here use them?

never heard of them???


In my experience among 3 different online ordering companies, by far the best.

registered Guest , do you know what they charge? is it usually a flat fee or a monthly charge?

I’d have to check to make certain, but if I remember correctly it is something like $40/month flat fee.

Yes , I have been online with them for about 6 months so far so good!!

Hey Ron,

Looks like $995 setup, and $49 a month:

Hello to you all,

My name is Rob Fain, please let me give to you some accurate information regarding HungerRush. First let me tell you that I am part of Revention POS. HungerRush is owned by Revention and is designed to work seamlessly with Revention POS or it may be configured to send online orders to a fax machine in the store for use with other POS systems.

One of the threads below talks about our pricing, and is inaccurate and out of date, I believe it is appropriate for me to share the correct information with the group.

Customers purchasing new POS systems from Revention for their stores currently receive free setup for online ordering through HungerRush, the $49.00 charge per month for unlimited online orders is waived as well, for the first six months, after which the $49.00 price per month applies.

For existing Revention customers, for stores using other POS Systems or those stores that are still on pen and paper, HungerRush Standalone is available for a $99.00 set up charge and $49.00 per month for unlimited online orders delivered to a fax machine in the store.

HungerRush offers far more to the food service professional than simply online ordering through a standard computer interface. I don’t want to violate the spirit of this forum by turning this into a sales presentation. If you would like more information or to discuss what Revention and HungerRush can offer to you, please call me at 877-738-7444 ext. 304. You can always send me a private message as well.

Thank you for your time and good luck, good business and good health in the new year.

Thank you for chiming in, the information I got was 3995.00 dollar set up fee and 78 dollars a month. But I will say the online system was GREAT. we are hoping to expand soon, so we will be looking at a new pos when we go to VEGAS so may look you up on that

Rockstar, the price you are referring to is for our new HungerRush Interactive online ordering system. HungerRush Interactive talks to the customer, guiding them through the ordering process presenting the customer with suggested items to add to their orders.

As this is an interactive site that involves utilizing professional voice talent and considerable more setup on our end, the price is commensurate with the value you receive. Setup for HungerRush Interactive is priced between $1995.00-$5995.00, depending on the level of customization you choose for your site. The monthly charge for unlimited online orders does increase to $78.00 per month as you thought.

If you’d like to preview HungerRush Interactive, please visit our web site at, click on the products tab, then on interactive online ordering. You will have a chance to see a demo there. And please turn your speakers on.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, you can email me at rfain@revention if you’d like.


If the post above with the $995 setup price is inaccurate and out of date, then so is your website and your signup packet PDF - because they both also say $995, not $99. Website showing 10 times the actual cost probably drives more than a few potential customers away… :wink:


The pricing on the old site is just that, old. There has been some confusion in the pizza community about HungerRush and its affiliation with Revention.

For the record, HungerRush is a wholly owned subsidiary of Revention. It is designed to work exclusively with Revention. As such, it truly offers “seamless” integration between the internet cloud and the hardware residing in your store. The integration is so “tight” that the “cloud” and the store system share the same menu and ordering information. When you update pricing, coupons or specials in the store, they load automatically to HungerRush and are available to you customers within minutes.

For companies using other POS systems wishing to take advantage of the HungerRush platform, we offer HungerRush Standalone which sends orders to a fax machine in the store.

Either of the HungerRush products are gateways to utilizing HungerRush Interactive and/or HungerRush C3 and HungerRush Mobile.

Information on these and any other of our products may be found at We are emphasizing the Revention site and downplaying the HungerRush site to showcase the full range and connectivity of Revention’s products.

Thank you for the reminder that we need to update the old HungerRush site as well. I assure you that the prices I’ve mentioned previously are accurate at this time and I’m happy to give you a price guarantee through the rest of this year. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance to you by contacting me through any of the methods I have mentioned before.