Hungerrush / Revention

Does anyone have any interaction with the new ownership with Revention? Have they become more customer service oriented, or the same culture and attitudes as before?

I have been a hungerrush/revention customer for the past 7 years. In my experience their tech support side has always been acceptable it is the billing and sales departments that are challenging. So if billing and sales was your problem before it is still the same.

Thanks Steve. I have been using a Revention system for 4 years that I acquired second hand. I set up the entire system myself. When I first set it up, I wanted to add support, WEB and CC processing through them. Sales basically wanted to have me repurchase the software again from them, otherwise they would not do it. I was going to reach out to them again, but it sounds like not much really changed.

Nope nothing has changed on that side. Still a pain in the ass