HVAC Mini-Splits

Getting some estimates on heat/air for a new build and one place said mini-splits would be a great option due to install issues.
2500 SF 11’ ceilings- old 4 story brick building in a downtown location- hard to go out- impossible to go up (though hood venting will have to go all the way up)
Pizza Oven but no grill/fryers
Last store I built was 2001 so not too “up” on these.
I’ve also always built in more traditional locations.
Grateful for any experiences.
In NH so not hot all year but summers can be warm!

Do Not forget to add at least 5 ton to compensate for the heat from the equipment.
If you have not done an equipment layout as yet we will do one for you at no charge.
George Mills

If your dining area has good separation from the heat producing kitchen don’t over size more than 25% in the dining area. It will actually be counterproductive and not cool well. The kitchen is a different story.

I always go over- I told them I want 10 tons and I think we came up with that.
Little to no separation kitchen to dining.
People always look at me and say “10!?” And I reply “Yes, TEN!”
Thanks, George- If I move forward (w/ the landlord and this location) I will be in touch.
I believe there was going to be a 5 ton in the kitchen area and then another 5 in the rest of the space.
It’s a challenging location in that I need to build two bathrooms; Not cheap as we all know. The list of needs above that are many- floor, walls, HVAC, electrical, etc. But a good spot. The LL will do nothing and spend nothing- space has been vacant for EIGHT+ years. Yes, YEARS! I told him I will do everything and spend everything but I want the money spent on items not specific to me ( bathrooms, for example) back in rent. We shall see.
Waiting on plumbing HVAC quotes now.

The chains we work with would put in 15 Ton .
We use some of the air brought in through the A?C as make up air and it is exhausted through the hood . We normally do not need a tempered make up air unit in our ventilation systems.
George Mills


make up air unit with our ventilation system[/B]

George, what’s the best way to contact you regarding hood systems and equipment? I’m building a new building and want to go with the best/most efficient hood for a triple stack of Edge 60’s.


You can contact me at pizzaovens@aol.com.
We will be happy to work with you on your ventilation project.
If you have not done you equipment layout we will do a plan for you at no charge. we have done the plans for thousands of pizza shops nation wide
George Mills

URNUTS, mini splits work great for localized A/C but they are a bit more difficult to plumb the drain lines than a traditional A/C. The evaporator coil is mounted on the wall and if it’s not an exterior wall draining the unit can be difficult. One of our stores has one that blows on the poeple working on the slap table and makeline and it drains to the handsink next to the makeline. If the handsink wasn’t there, a mini split in that spot wouldn’t have been an option.