I-9 forms and hiring immigrants

I’m collecting information about the process of hiring immigrants in restaurants and I was hoping I could learn a little about experience from U.S. Pizza operators. Namely,

  1. Have you had any problems completing I-9 forms? Have you been audited?
  2. What challenges have you faced hiring immigrants?
  1. has anyone used the e-verify system to check if employees are authorized to work in the U.S.?

We have not used E-verify (although I’m now going to go and check it out), but for the past few years we have used the Social Security database to verify that SS numbers match the name on the card presented to us. In 10 years, we have only had one that did not match. Never been audited for I9’s, but I am careful to fill them out in their entirety for EVERY employee that we hire, since I heard the fine is stiff for non-compliance.

Yeah, from what I’ve seen the NRA has complained that a lot of restaurants have had to pay major fines for “good faith” errors on I-9 forms.

I’ve read in a couple articles that E-verify is now mandatory in some states but I can’t locate a list of them.

Lastly, E-verify is a little different from the Social Security database because according to immigration services, some employees can have a valid SSN but not be authorized to work.

Ha, right after I posted that I found this: http://www.verifiedperson.com/products_faqs_20.html

It’s a little more complex than who needs to use it and who does not based on what kind of employer they are.

Restaurants in our market may use e-verify but very few will post the sign in their window. They don’t want to chase away potential customers who don’t agree with it. A few years ago we had a Hispanic grocery store that was fined for hiring un documented workers. Part of their fine involved having to use e-verify going forward. They then had picket lines out front of there locations because they used e-verify.