I-9 Forms

I’ve been open for more then a year now and have never had an employee fill out an I-9 form. Most of my employess are High School students that need a work permit anyway so I never bothered with the I-9. Should I have them fill one out? I am asking becuase I am trying to put a new hire package together and want to know if I should included it. Thanks


It’s the law. You’ve got to prove your employees are legally eligible to work in the United States. To do this you must have an I-9 for every employee. You can get a 50-pack at Staples for like $8 if I’m not mistaken. But, get it done… quick. I know fines are administered if you don’t have these on file. These fines are in the range of $100-$1000 per occurrence.


Easier yet, just save the I-9 pdf file on your computer and print them out as you need them. Download it here: Employment Eligibility Verification