I am convinced!

After reading all of the posts here I have been convinced that because the Minimum wage and mileage I pay my drivers is not fair and equitable and because of how dangerous their job is I am terminating all of them and just doing carryout.
However I am having bulletproof glass installed and putting in a slot to hand the food over to the customer.Thanks Gregster for opening my eyes! Thinking of just paying drivers to stay home. Hmmmmmm

Chances are if you have to install a bulletproof glass in your shop, you delivered to crappy areas…

My life is worth alot, alot, alot ,alot more than than min wage & some mileage pay … I say, good riddens to your delivery business…I doubt you’ll convert most of those delivery customers you are losing to pick up customers though…Then again, your competition will be more than happy to offer those deadbeats delivery…

… (slowly walks away)




Y’all do realize that dman is another TTPG poster who’s only here to troll Gregster, right? They have a longstanding grudge on TTPG, so dman thought he’d come over here and try to make Greg look bad in front of people who he hasn’t ruined his credibility with yet… Though it’s only a matter of time till he get’s his foot all the way down his own throat and it becomes obvious why he’s so often on moderated status at TTPG.

He doesn’t need to try :stuck_out_tongue:

(sorry, I just couldn’t resist)

Exactly! Blame dman for this, blame dman for that…gregster has been making himself look bad here long before I joined…He ain’t helping no driver cause at all here nor at TTPG, thats just how I feel…

As for grudge?..What grudge?..I’d sit at a bar & bs over a few beers anyday, it just wouldn’t be about his quest for pizzadriver job improvements…gregster is hilarious, alot more hilarious at TTPG than here though…gregster behaves less juvenille here :lol: …He is a good son, a good father & a good husband…Don’t forget either…He is a 20 year retired navyman & is set for life in his early-mid forties…I respect him as a person, however when it comes to driving pizzas & his quest for improvements?..He goes about it ways I wouldn’t…

If I despised the corp I worked for as much as gregster does?..For one, I’d be fighting them from the outside, not as one of their employees…

So you completely missed the sarcasm huh?

Par for the course, I’m afraid. What ever else you do, don’t ever mention gambling and or his various medical maladies around Dman, trust me, there are things in life that you’re really better off not knowing…

More like went along with it…

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