I am looking for a crunchy bottom / motor city deep dish pizza. PLEASE HELP!

I am looking for a crunch bottom on my deep dish pizza’s. Similar to Buddy’s in Detroit area. I am using aluminum pans. I put corn oil on the bottom of the pans and use sapphire flour with low gluten. We have a conveyor oven, where I run the deep dish half through. Then run it through again with all the toppings. They are coming out nice, and I like the way they taste, but still no crunchy bottom. Any suggestions?

First of all, deep dish and Detroit style are two very different styles. Would’ve been nice if you had said Detroit style the first time you asked this question.

Thanks for the help Ryan!

No problem. I know essentially nothing about Detroit style, though. Sorry.

Hi Babyjake.

You say “I am using aluminum pans”.
Are they the bright natural aluminum? If so I would guess that’s your problem.
Most operators use a black steel pan.
George Mills