I am looking to put a gumball machine in my lobby. Any suggestions?

I own a small pizza business, and I am looking to buy my own gumball machine. I currently have one, but only receive 30% of profits, the vending machine owner receives the rest. Which is fine, but I am looking to get my own. I have seen 3 head small vending machines on craigslist for approx. $100, or the really nice ones holding 6 different toys, gum etc. for $500. To me spending $500 seems excessive, and will require a lot of time to receive my money back. My question is if I buy my own, where do I go to get my gumballs, toys, jewelry on line once they get low. Have people done well with these machines in their lobby?

I also do a revenue sharing program in my lobby. I have 1 two peice gumball/candy machine, 1 8 peice candy/toy machine, 3 arcade machines and a pinball machine.

IMO it is not worth the time and effort to stock/fix/repair any of them for the extra profit i would get. Specially once you take into account how long it would take to payback the intial investment. I just look at it as another way to make some money off “extras.”

I will gladly take 30% of something over 100% of nothing for doing nothing.

I bought a 2 head machine off ebay about 8 years ago. One side has M&M Peanut the other I change up between Skittles, Mini Eggs, and plain M&Ms all purchased from Costco. It costs me about $30 to fill a head and that generates about $100. I figure the machine was totally paid for in about 3 months.

Now this is why I like having my own machine. When a family with small children come in I will get permission from the parents to give the kids a quarter for the candy machine. Since I get all the money put into the machine it is not much of a cost. My reason here is simple. Why do fast food places like McDs have kids meals with toys? Because the kids will nag the parents to go there. I have a family who come in every week to pick up their order (I have no dine-in) so the kids can get their quarter. On their first visit 8 years ago I gave their only child a quarter now there are 4 kids. Their order is usually around $75 a week.

The only maintenance I have had to do on the machine is cleaning. For me it has been a great investment.

We bought a three head machine from costco for @ 129.oo. It has 2 candy and 1 jumbo gumball. We have a dining room for 55 people and it paid for itself in 2 months. We buy the candy from costco or sams club for cheap. Only maintenance so far is daily windex from greasy fingers and a dull knife to remove the pennys and nickels from the quarter slots

I own a vending machine business besides the restaurant and 30% is usually the high end,with 35% being for skating rinks and other ultra high kid traffic locations.while most of the time candy can be done succesfully with just one location,the more profitable toy “racks” usually are more difficult to make money with but not impossible.if you go with a double put gumballs in one head and skittles in the other for max profits.if memory serves about 8 skittles.both items are sold at sams club along with the Northwestern machines I recomend and stand. d9phoneix either has a busy restaurant or desperate vendors with extra machines!I really like wowie zowie or oscars wild ride which are interactive gumball machines,they put on a good show for kids and adults alike and sell gumballs which have the highest profit margin if you have an electrical outlet and want to amuse your customers go that route. the toy “racks” are a different story.with just one location they are a bit harder to make profitable.I have several locations,and if a toy doesnt sell in one location I put it in another,although usually you try to find that combination of toys that does well in most locations.With a toy that sells poorly you can either let it sit until it runs out and make your money back very slowly since there are 250 pieces in a case, or swap it for another and once you have a few cases of slow sellers,buy a mystery mix display and sell your left over slow sellers that way.in a busy restaurant it may be worth it although you will spend closer to $800 as a one time investment and itll never break.if you have your mind set on it, I have an extra I can sell you in great condition,or put it on ebay and sell it to you there. a 5 way rack will suit your needs with 2- 2 inch machines on top at 75 cents,2 one inch at the bottom at 50 cents and one head at a quarter for gumballs.in my experience,when I go find new locations,the locations with empty and or dirty machines are locations in which usually the owner has machines thinking he is going to get rich with one or two machines at his restaurants,or gets too greedy.when reality sets in the machines are neglected.the vending machine guy has expenses too,if its a legitimate business,just like we do.I can give you more advice if youd like,but whatever you do DO NOT go with a company called Service Vending as they are the walmarts of the vending world.I network with other vending machine operators (like we do here) and can put you in contact with someone you can trust,that wont count the quarters in his van and what not. I do not reccomend video games unless you know how to fix them.the split on a video game is 50-50 and the vending guy pays the licensing that most states need for it to be legal. in illinois its the liquor license guy that also checks vending machines.the toy gumball machines dont need anything in Illinois but it varies by State.

I own a three slot machine (mm’s, reeces pieces, mike and ikes) working on a new location, will not have in new location. Kids love it but it gives all the kids a reason to be out of their seats and running through the restaurant. I prefer the more quiet nites with people enjoying their food and drinking wine. We started making our own ice cream last december, the kids (and adults !) love it. At 2.95 per scoop it is much more profitable than candy, no more picking up m+m’s,i’ve picked up thousands ! The profit on the candy will hopefully pay your kids dental bills !!! break even,