I am sooo green

I recently took a job running multiple properties and one of them is a full dining pizza and pasta. I do not have knowledge in the pizza side besides a consumer. I am not sure about food cost goals, labor percentages, delivery ect. If anyone has any suggestion for me it would be greatly appreciated. Good books read, portioning control ideas anything.

Then new guy.

I would just go through pages of the think tank. Answers for a lot of info.

Do searches in the archives for the usbjects you mentioned. There are TONS of threads and informative answers out there. Then, you will have more info about specific help we can offer. And trust me, we will offer help when you get the more specific questions. there have been quite a few new owners of late asking similar, very general questions that are just too big to give good answers to. So many vatriables and details we would need to get a meaningful answer to you.

Check those archives for pizza gold.