I bet even Nick hasn't tried this one.... yet!


It even comes with ketchup and maple syrup as dipping sauces. Pizza Hut Japan.

Check out the other mouth watering items on the menu:


Looks like many have mayo on them… yummy!

How about it Nick? If you put this one on your menu, I’ll come and buy one from

RG, you do havew me pegged; I’ve never done this one. I’ve put a lot of things on pizza dough . . .but they outdid me by leaps and bounds.

I LOVE the idea of the pigs in blankets. This could be a great breakfast idea for me and wife if nothing else. Kim says it could be set up as a specialty party pizza. Man, I already have 12 pizzas in development . . . now I have this ‘circus pizza’ to try. Anyone else out there got more time than sense wants to try it and tell us about it? :slight_smile:

Ha! “Circus Pizza”.

I’m trying to identify everything on it - any guesses?

Is that hamburger patty? Slices of tomato? Peas? IS that “string cheese in blankets” on the other side?

Ah, I found an explanation:

Lower Left side: The crust is cut into strips that are rolled around little weiners and bacon to make “sausage rolls.” If you top it with the included “fruity ketchup,” you can up “up the deliciousness” (yes, the English word “up” is a verb in Japanese)!

middle right side: The crust on this side is cut into strips that are wrapped around cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan to make “cheesy rolls.” “Honey maple syrup” is included so you can “up” these rolls’ deliciousness as well.

Upper right side: This half of the pizza is “Hamburg Pizza,” which, as you can see, has little hamburger (at least 50% pork) patties, beans, red pepper, corn, and tomato sauce.

Can’t find the translation for the lowest blurb on the right - the one pointing to the half with what looks like tomato

Oh boy, check this one out - “half “BBQ Chicken Mayonnaise” and half “Potato Mayonnaise Gratin” pizza on “Mini Dog” crust. 2,150 yen (about $23) for medium size.”

Actually, looks kinda tasty. Is that soy sauce attached to the front of the box? :shock:


Watch the ad. lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

These pizzas are like some of those looney TV reality shows that come out of Japan :?

Who ever started this thread needs to be stripped n@ked except for a g-string, made to drink 2 litres of cold water in one hit, have their hands tied, covered in honey and have 500 scorpions set loose over them inside a sealed glass container on a hot beach … oopps, I’m talking like one of those crazy TV reality shows.

I’m glad the title of this post was "I bet NICK:stuck_out_tongue:


You know, April Fool’s Day is coming up. Maybe “pigs in a blanket” crust should be a one-day industry wide rollout.

Oh, I’m in for the industry roll-out of the mini-dog crust. Holy cow! For This grilling season, we could all make “hamburger and hotdog” pizzas! Bacon Cheeseburger on the inside, and little tiny hot dogs lining the crust, somplete with a little tiny line of ketchup and mustard on each one . . . . chili an optional for add-on cost. I am getting wayyyy to excited about this.

I really, really don’t like these sort of sensationalist pizzs, but I am warming up to this as a baseball season feature. Arrrgh.

As silly as it looks and seems, I do wonder if the crazyness of it would actually generate some buzz. I’m going to give the mini dog crust a try tonight. Looks like it is done with cocktail franks, so it shouldn’t be too expensive - plus, it looks like a lot of cheese real estate is taken up by the widening of the crust edge - so the actual cheese and topping amounts should be smaller than normal.

I’m surprised this didn’t show up in the healthy pizza forum! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm… Maybe I should give a “spam in a blanket” crust a try… :lol:

Better hurry on up here and try this Nick. Only 2 slices left.


Ha! Awesome. That looks pretty good. I’ve yet to try it, I keep forgetting about it.

One big problem here… LABOR just went out the roof! That’s a lot of little wieners too roll. :stuck_out_tongue: