I can't get this oven to work right.

I just bought an existing store with a MM p200 oven in it. For the past 25 years I have used a deck oven and I have very little knowledge about conveyors. I had a service tech come out and he set the oven to 385 for 8:20 min. The cheese get too brown on top and the bottom is too lite. The pizza did raise up just like in my deck, but that’s the only thing that looked normal. I use Grande 50/50 cheese. I have all the fingers in the bottom and only 2 in the top. I have only one week to solve this problem. My first thought is to go buy a deck oven but that’s not in the budget. Any ideas?

when you say you only have 2 fingers in the top, do you have the extra openings closed off?

Why at such a low temperature and for such a long bake time?

Raise the temp to 500* or 550* and do a 5.5 minute bake time…

Hi Sspizza:

Set your time a 6 minutes and temperature at 450. put a pizza with no toppings, (why waste toppings), through to test your bottom bake, ( when we get the bottom right we then add toppings to adjust the top heat) To get the bottom to just what you want you then raise or lower the temperature until you have it just right.

When you have the bottom right top out a pizza to test the top bake. If you are over baking the top remove one finger and disassemble they come apart easy. Then fold a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil so it covers all the finger holes if your toppings were very over done. If your toppings were slightly overdone fold the foil to cover just a portion of the holes. Cover holes length wise not width wise. Continue that procedure until you have your toppings the way you want them.

Once you have the correct shape of the foil in the finger it would be best to go to some sheet metal shop and get a metal insert made in that shape and place that in the finger.

With the new ovens we place the factory installer comes equipped to make those adjustments and due to the ease of removing and replacing fingers on the new XLT models it takes only a few minutes to get the oven adjusted properly.

George Mills