I did $9001 on Saturday

No i didn’t but where is that guy? And where is that thread. I’m interested in seeing where he was since I too am from NE ohio.

Yeah, where is that thread???

“Sometiiimmes… dead is betta.” -Judd Crandall (Fred Gwynne) in Pet Cemetary

What’s up PMQ??

Where is my thread??

Am I too successful to keep a thread on your web site??

By the way, I expect to do 10K this Saturday.

That’s 6.2 miles right ? Try to keep it under 50 minutes and you’ll be ok.
I’ve only run in 5K’s myself.

Smart ass, I see why they took it off, a lot of jealous people out there

keep making jokes- I will be the one laughing all the way to the bank when I make a $200,000 profit this year with only 1 carryout and delivery store

First off, I’d like to say I don’t know what happened to your thread. I do remember you putting it up and a lot of wisecracks and a little discussion came of it.

With that being said, I would like to remind you that the purpose of this forum is to share ideas and to help others who need it. This is not a pi$$ing contest. I don’t care how much you did last Saturday, the Saturday before, or next Saturday unless you’ve got some viable information you’d like to share with others who might need help in getting their sales to that level.

You come here as an anonymous user (which is fine, suit yourself) and pop up a thread saying, “I did $9k. Anybody else do this much in a day?”… or something close to that. What’s the purpose of putting something like up their other than to brag about something that nobody really cares about? Now, if you want to post something like, “I did $9k. Anybody else do this much in a day? If not, this is what I did to hit these numbers and maybe you might want to try it in your stores”, I would be the first to stand in line and listen to what you’ve got to say.

Apparently, you’re doing something right wherever you are. I’m sure many people… including myself, have a lot to learn from you. So, as a suggestion, turn it around and maybe give a little advice about your awesome accomplishments.


If you’re doing that much in catering on a Saturday, you must be doing over $20,000 per week. Since you just have a delco, you should be dropping a whole lot more to the bottom line than $200,000. We put about $100,000 to the bottom line on $450,000 in annual sales.

I bet a lot of the guys here would be more than happy to help you with your operational deficiencies.

I did give some great advice on the thread.

Where did it go?

The food cost on chicken and ribs is way higher then pizza.

I have been in the business for 16 years- I run a tight ship.

But the labor is much, much lower.

It’s getting so I can’t tell the anonymous guests apart even in one thread :shock:

What city in Ohio are you in again?

Yeah come on… register. All the cool people are doing it.

Wow I need bigger waiters for all this bull$hit.What happened to all the ‘love’? :lol:

Yeah come on… register. All the cool people are doing it.

Yeah, register…they have promised keys to the corporate washroom after a hundred posts.

Make history one post at a time :lol:

300 posts and you get to spend a day with j_r0kk !!

BTW: I still haven’t received my keys yet… and I really gotta go. :oops:

You don’t want to spend the day with me. You’ll want to go home before noon: too much cheese to prep, too much dough to prep, too many phone calls.

But, if you’re a glutton for punishment, c’mon down. I could use the help with all the juggling I’ve been doing the past month. -J_r0kk

PM me your address and I’ll be there. I can be in NE Ohio in 2.5 hours.

Now what tough guy ?

lololo :lol: