I did the Test with "Big 3" oven....deck vs. conve

Re: I did the Test with “Big 3” oven…deck vs. c

Tom, Lincoln 1450’s I believe. 6 minute bake, 485 degrees. Bottom all open, top-1st two closed, 3rd-open, 4th-closed. I think that’s accurate, been that way for a while now. I did do a fair amt. of expeimentation and research( including pizza radio where you answered my question). I’m not saying bake isn’t good, just that when baked properly in both ovens, deck is better, IMO. Now i don’t disagree that I’ll lose some consistency with Rotoflex, but I feel the better bake and theatrics associated with oven, ie watching your pizza made and cut in front of you after watching it spin in circles ala NJ Boardwalk will fetch me a higher price point and more $$. I hope I’m right.Thanks…Ramsey