I hate Domino's

Anyone see what Domino’s is up to now?


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Someone posted the first link to the Australia article couple days ago. Would not work in the US imo.

I’ll be interested when it can wash dishes when it gets back to the store.

Especially in certain neighborhoods, that thing would be hijacked quickly, or shot.

I could see an application for it in gated communities but that’s about as far as my vision takes me right now.

Not saying i would EVER accidentally run into it while walking because i didn’t see it. Then make sure to dispose of what was left of it after the collision :smiley:

All the gimmicks/gadgets in the world won’t make up for “pizza” that tastes like cr@p.

Domino’s is a tremendous logistics company. Their online ordering is a work of art. And their pizza has steadily improved and surpassed Pizza Hut, IMO. I’m a big fan of their operation.

I agree about Dominos. The only dumb thing they’ve done recently is dropping the ‘Pizza’ from their name simply to push their add-ons, where as Pizza Hut does something stupid every few months. I encourage all the chains to do dumb things, Dominos doesn’t do as many as I would like. This robot isn’t going to work, who is going to pay for it? The franchisee? What happens when some dude in a truck kidnaps it?

I am more interested in something a bit more practical, Google’s self-driving car. You would still require a ‘driver’ to deliver the pizza to the door, but if these cars are as safe as I’ve read them to be, it could mean less fender benders (or in my case, running over curbs) and better insurance rates. That last one is a bit of a stretch, but buying a self driving car and knowing it won’t run someone down because it’s paying attention to the gps is pretty good peace of mind.