I hate to beat a dead horse....but..............

I hate to ask this, but I have decided to consider a different oven. I am looking into the xlt and would like to know the pros and cons of this one. I currently have the newer lincolns-1450’s and only desire to have a conveyor.
I know we have beat the horse to death but the faq link did not show any substantial conversation about this model.

Where in Florida are you located? If you’re anywhere near Gainesville, come cook in my XLT. Bring your own dough, or use my mixer to make it. I’ve also got a lincoln X-2 so you can spend all day adjusting the Xlt to cook your product right. Best cooking oven I’ve used.

Paul…what type of pie/crust do you bake in your lincolns? and are you familiar with the impinger 2 with the 18" belt? (my vent hood will only cover 50" total depth) I believe its a 1132 or 1160. also we do a lot of slices, can you repeatidly open the door or do you need an oven with a window to keep from losing a lot of heat?