I have ordered Impinger 2 oven from PESI


I have ordered Impinger 2 oven and now I am waiting to be here in 3weeks.

I bought refurbished one from PESI, and I am start to worrying if PESI is reliable or dependable company

Who I can trust?

can anyone tell me that i am heading right direction?

thank you

I’ve been working with their ovens on and off for about two years now and I haven’t had any issues with them as yet. They appear to be gas sippers and they seem to bake pizzas right up there with the best of them. I’ve be3en using a baking temperature of 485 and a time of 5.5-minutes for starters, then adjust as dictated by your specific baking requirements. If you have a problem with a “pizza bone” on your thin crusts when baking at this temperature, try one of the Lloyd Pans Hearth Bake Disks to see if that corrects the problem. We have used this combination at the Orlando Pizza Show and at our Practical Pizza Production class with very good success.
Almost forgot: When baking at this temperature, you can delete any sugar from the dough formula. This really helps to get a crispier finished crust.
I think you will like your new ovens.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Baccocafe

I have not heard anything bad about that companie’s reconditioned units.

George Mills

Hi guys!

THank you guys!!

two reputable guys like you makes me feel better : )

I was kind of wondered cuz I couldnt fine lots of there info in this forum…

I will keep update once I get the oven…

btw, I also ordered heath back pan…