I have to admit, I was wong abought car signs!

Awhile back, i was adimately against the use of car signs.

My view has changed. After much do diligence, the exposure of these signs pay for themselves and put more cash in your pocket!

Why were you against using them? Do you now believe those reasons were misconceptions as well?


That shops that use them have inferior products(my opinion) to mine but lets face facts…they work.

One count was that 750,000 impressions per month…cant argue that!

The funny thing I used to to make the same joke, until a buddy of mine who works for Quizno’s corporate showed me some stats. I used to joke about the ppl that had to stand on the corner waving a banner and/or dressed in a outfit of some kind. He then showed me numbers of how locations under his watch that had someone stand around for a few hours waving a banner increased their daily sales almost 28% on average. I thought it was BS, so he made me put it to the test with my own ppl. In 3 days of testing on a lunch shift, my avg order count went up by an additional 16 orders for the lunch shift, and 5 those nights because someone spotted my guy and came back for dinner.
Needless to say, I now put someone outside at least once a week to keep my brand in someones face.

YES!!! I remember the argument well. I am glad you finally recognize the power of the car top sign.

Another good idea, is having a sign guy put vinyl lettering on your back window with your company name, and phone number, sometimes people can’t see the number on the sign, but if your back window is big enough you can put bigger numbers on it.

Most of all make sure when you have the car top on, and lit, that you obey the traffic laws, and are very courteous.

Does anybody have any recommendation for buying car top signs?


http://www.autosox.com I have been in their shop and it is a hive of activity…

we use two of the Cabbie XL’s from them, and are thrilled. They helped enhance our own design, and they look great driving down the road. There are nights we send our drivers out to the subdivisions because we are slow in the shop. A few minutes trolling the “fish pond” and we get a couple of bites.

Cassel was professional, courteous, prompt, and made good on their car magnets that started to delaminate a little on me. They are great to me, and we are about to order new decals for our signs with our new shop info and design theme.

Back in the “Old Days” of Dominos, we used to have “Cartop Parades”. We had 20 drivers, they ALL wore cartop signs. On a slow Friday, we would get 10-15 drivers, and they would follow the leader up and down the highway 5 mph below the speed limit. It allways worked. TONS of calls!

Yes use http://www.autosox.com/ I know the owners very well. In fact they can do allot more than just Cartop signs. They are currently working on a sign for the front of my restaurant, and a couple of window clings too.

Sign on ebay right now.

any one know where I can find info on the LED cordless lights the light up car toppers?

Is this what you are looking for? http://www.sollight.com/products/lidlight.cfm

naw, this is about 8 inches has 4 led lights and runs on rechargable batteries

I believe you are looking for


HTH is supposed to start selling these as well. I was tols at Pizza expo in march that they would have them soon.

I’ll never buy mine from HTH. Something fishy that I don’t want to post about how they came into doing these - so (exactly) similar to the ones patented by Signlits. Another story of the little guy getting screwed.

I bought ours directly from signlits and they have been fantastic. I even had a sign fly off a car and get run over by another car - and the led lights still worked fine. I had one set that had some sort of problem - one call and the signlits guys sent me another one overnight right away with a return postage label for the broken one. Didn’t even ask for a CC deposit or anything.

I am in the process of purchasing mine from hth, I would like to know some details of what you know.


well, I don’t “know” anything - but I’m sure you can call signlits and ask them.

I’m sure HTH has a quality product - though I haven’t seen theirs yet.

I am, however, curious as to what they look like and what kind of design they have.