I know its here somewhere...

Hiya everyone!! Ive been sooo busy training staff, YAHOO!! Im almost starting to work on my business and less in it!! Im excited!
Anyway, along with training comes the fact that I have to have a nailed down topping guide.
I know that Tom or someone has written out a formula a couple of times and always thought, yes I have to do that well doing that is NOW! Does anyone have it written down somewhere, or know where I can find it? And maybe an example. lets say I put 2 oz. of cheese on a 8" pizza, what do I put on a 10" 12" and 14" And yes, I do put cheese on them, but im thinking that my small pizza has more cheese coverage then my large does, this is NOT GOOD!
Thanx all!

You have to divide the amount of cheese by the square inches of the pizza. The formula for area is (pi * r^2).

8" = 50.24
10" = 78.5
12" = 113.04
14" = 153.86

2 oz on an 8" = .0398 oz / square inch. So, .0398 is your cheese “factor”. Just multiply by the rest of your sizes (in square inches) and you’ve got it.

This assumes you put cheese all the way to the edge. If you’re not doing that, your numbers will be off and you’ll be putting progressively less cheese per square inch as you go up in size. This could lead to your large pizza having more cheese coverage than your small.

If you leave a 1/2" rim with no cheese, for example, then you should be doing these calculations with your diameters as 7", 9", 11" and 13". Remember r = d/2.