I made the TV news

I did a fire prevention week give away and made the Tv news. Check it out on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBqKs5G_0ig

“My pizza just got here and there’s a fire truck behind him…”

Excellent idea! You get exposure, your customers get educated. The television coverage is priceless.

way to go, very cool, good PR,

i have been trying to do that also…maybe next year…congrats on the PR!

Good work Daddio !!

You could always incorporate it in you next advertising schedule.

Our pizzas are delivered so hot that the fire department has to come with the driver. Sorry a bit corny, but I couldn’t resist :oops:

Oh, I forgot you probably don’t have the drivers to deliver just like me :cry: What a wasted opportunity.


I got lucky that week and had enough inside staff that i could be the driver. I like that idea.

Someone swiped YOUR idea!

As long as you are not in my market go for it. I know the fire department here will only do this with me.