I need a FRESH special...anyone have one?

Looking for a new special for my mailing.

anybody have a good offer that gets great response that is not BUY one Get one free?


my specials are running a little tired…

Find a food item that has a low cost for you to make and offer it free with any large pizza.

For me, I have a specialized breadstick item, potato wedges, onion rings and chicken nuggets that all cost me around $1.00-$1.50 in food costs. Offering those free presents a huge perceived cost to your customers, without taking much out of your own pocket.

I went to Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor’s “How to dominate your market: holding your own against the chains” seminar at the pizza expo and he said to always have full price or free. Anything else diminishes the value of your product and people will come to expect $1 or $2 dollars off all of the time - give them a free 2 liter with a medium pizza or free breadsticks with a large like indie pizza said.


Help the board out and tell us what offers are getting tired so we don’t suggest the same thing.

For me it’s all about complete meal packages. Large pizza, breadsticks, salad, two liter for XX.XX. My demographics skew heavily toward families so they love those. We always build some sort of easy upsell into the offer. If you’re selling a package deal, always, always design it so there is an good upsell potential somewhere.

I’ve also had a lot of success in the past year with a free large cheese pizza with purchase of a large or extra large at menu price. They of course have the option of adding toppings for menu price. The cheese pizza costs about $1.20 all said and done, the customer sees a 12.99 value and I’m way better off than a $3.00 off coupon. More profit and more cash flow.

two medium two-topping pizzas $16.99

two large two-topping pizzas $21.99

$2.99 medium cheese pizza with any 2 topping or more large

examples of current specials…


something that is getting GREAT response for me is
get a large unlimited toppings pizza
and a large cheese for 21.99

how this works so well for ME.

  1. they see a lot of value in the unlimited most pizza eaters have been around way long enough to know that each toppings cost. what they see is I can get my pizza no matter what without driving up the price and I can get one for the kids too! its a win win.
    so for ME on the price point I went to our gourmet pizzas, rang it up full price, then I added the food cost of a large pizza plus 50% so I am still making 3.00 on the large and getting full price on any other pizza I can make.
    coming in second is the bundle everyone does
    large pizza, breadsticks and a 2 liter XXXX
    last but not least something else that I have just started doing is free item bundles
    like before my ad read
    Family Special
    2 large 2 topping pizzas
    family order of breadsticks and
    a 2 liter 24.99
    now it reads
    Family Special
    buy 2 large pizza’s with 2 toppings for 24.99
    and get 2 orders of breadsticks for FREE
    and we will even throw in a free 2 liter of your choice.
    *note a family order is nothing more than 2 orders of breadsticks
    dont know why but this works easly twice as better than the original coupon

The new coupon makes them think that they are getting 2 items for free while the first coupon they only think they’re getting 1 for free. People love free stuff.

Ditto on the free. Test is out… Print out two coupons that offer the same amount of food and have the one that gives the customer the “Free” add-ons priced a dollar or two more…and I bet you have more people look past the dollar amount and just are extra happy they got something for free. It’s all in the mindset of the comsumer. We all like Free! :smiley:

I just came across a blurb in Restaurant Business explaining the allure of the word “free.” I’d link the article, but RB doesn’t have an online presence besides its http://www.monkeydish.com site… which contains none of the magazine content.

Anyway, I scanned the durned thing:
Read it before the copyright police storm the thread.


Didn’t you say you were going to send us a FREE pizza for responding to your post? :wink:

I can fax you my new thinner crust!

leave your fax # here…


LOL… damn I would prefer the e-mailed Chicago please! :smiley:

try something like a family combo with a pizza, breadsticks and a drink…that worked good for us.

I am a fan of giving away a small pizza for eat in guest only. This way people can taste what your pizza is like and since its an eat in they will most likely order more then just the free pizza. If your pizza is good they will come back.

For more pizzeria tips check out: http://www.foodservicewarehouse.com/pizza-supplies/c1852.aspx

Ok I am going off the deep end here but I had an idea. What do you all think? You can all offer the same specials…dollars off…free this and that… but what about something big and long term that brings the customers back all year long. Say… a NEW CAR? Now… before you all call me crazy…here me out. I saw this done at a restaurant back in Illinois when I was growing up. Not a pizza place but a Mexican Place that was more of a take-out place than anything. Instead of offering coupons and specials…they had a raffle that lasted for 4 month if I remember correctly. Every order got one ticket. Worth $1.00. You also had the option to buy additional tickets if you wanted. The fine print listed that once the raffle hit 25000 entries there would be a drawing for 3 prizes. It was like a new car worth about $20k at the time…so pretty nice… we were talking 1990’s… 2nd place was $1000 cash… and 3rd was dinner for 2 for a year…once a month or something. Basically it cost the restaurant no more than $1 per order at most and they repeated it every cycle as one car went out the next was up. It just seems that in this economy and with how the world is going…maybe offering something of real value might get people to bite for the long run and not just for the $5 or $10 pizza or a couple of dollars off or a free something or another. Well just an idea. Let me hear it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought I better add that I know a lot of people would need to run this as maybe a year long promotion not just a few months…as most of the small indies do not have the sales to justify this…but even as a year long thing… it just might keep bring the regulars back.

that would be a heck of a thing to do.it would be a lot of publicityit could be done without a time limit,just when ever you reach 25k tickets there would be a drwaing.what if the winner is “unreachable” for one reason or other?

3 good specials that work for me:
medium 4 topping,any 2 sandwichs and a 2 liter $20 out the door
large 4 topping an order of bosco cheese sticks(4 plus sauce) & 2 liter $20 out the door
lrg 4 topping large ravioli and 2 liter $20 out the door
the second special I posted is the most popular and is only $1.25 off menu price without the 2 liter.

Confirming, what are the measurements of your large and medium pizzas? 12"? 14"? 16"?

That is a neat idea and keeping in mind you dont necessarily have to give away something as big as a car… I would be happy if my pizza shop called me and told me I had just won a new 50" led flatscreen tv… or any number of things along those lines.

I went a whole year as the franchise of Paul Reveres pizza and did not advertise. What I did was purchase this ebbok from www.pizzasalesguru.com and did some of there ideas. Some of them worked and it was great. I saw a sales increase.