I’m looking for a gift card company only. Not looking to change my cc processor. does anyone have a company they would reccomend. I’m looking for a company that can track cards through multiple locations. any help would be great. Thanks

I know mercury payment systems can do just gift cards. Cant remember what the fees are though. I used Valutec (sp?) at my last job, and I heard the fees were insane, even more so if you didnt know what the available balance was on a card.

The most complete system I’ve come across is by Givex. They have three different levels of service.

  1. Gift cards only
  2. Rewards
  3. Loyalty

I forget exactly what they call 2 & 3 but there are differences between the two. One is just much more customizable. Sum what expensive to set up but very cool features. Last I talked to them I believe they are integrating email and texts into the whole process as well.

And yes, multiple locations, different owners/bank accounts are no problem.

Try http://www.Valutec.net
I have used them for about 3 years now and have been happy with them and they dont require what cc processor you use.
they have always been right on top of things if i call in for a question and do gift cards and loyalty cards

Thanks for the web reference, I could really use that.


me 2

It has been a while since this topic was brought up, but I wanted to renew it. I’m also looking for a gift card company. I have a micros POS system. Does anyone know where I can get someone who will print & make custom cards with barcodes and / or magnetic strips on them? My POS will read & track the $$ on each card. I just need to find someone who has the cards.


I imagine there’s a lot of companies that print magnetic cards…

I use PLI, but we print over 15K a year. Perhaps they can help you.

Most POS Companies support Gift Cards. I would imagine Micros does them.

i used to use sandia imaging to print my old ones but since I switched to foodtec they take care of everything now

Check with your CC processing company…you already have the contract with them…you already have their compatible equipment.

Most of the 3rd party companies will…

  • Ask to bid on your cc processing
  • Make you use a 3rd party swiper

I process through FirstData and their GC’s are compatible with Revention (small bit of reprogramming) but all is great now and all that I invested was .50 per card. Now a bit higher since I went with a smaller order since I am trying to just replace my handwritten gift certificates.