I need a name for dipping sauce

I am going to start offering a garlic dipping sauce with my pizzas next month, and thought that the name ‘Dipping Sauce’ was a bit un-original.

Anyone have a more creative suggestion?


If you use them for chicken strips too: Strippers ??

please be advised that the following brainstorm happened at 2:38am est after completing my week ending inventory and payroll.

what if you play off the popularity of gps systems and call your dipping sauce GDS.

something like ‘use your gds system to guide you to great tasting pizza’. or ‘GDS, your guide to great tasting pizza destination’.

at this point… that’s all i got bro. sorry.

i’m going to bed.

Stripper Dippers? I think dippers says it all, why mess with perfection?

Use one, don’t be one. Dipstick Dipping sauce!

Garlic dipping sauce, better on your pizza than on your clothes.
(Warning this stuff will leave a stain, wash immeidately if you drip)

Your pizza isn’t ready to grip if you don’t have your garlic dip!

Garlic dipping sauce is the best thing since the kiss!
(Warning please use breath mints after eating and BEFORE kissing)

Our famous Dipping sauce is the perfect exclamation point at the end of a great pizza.

Those are a few from my marketing challenged mind! Best of luck!

Garlicious Glaze