I need a new 10 to 12 compartment makeline for making subs

Which brand would you guys recommend? Im looking to buy a brand new unit that will last for years to come.Thinking like a smaller 2 door unit.

I recommend TRUE. I have many coolers from a few companies and True always holds up best. I stopped buying other brands. I still have a single door True cooler from 1994 that I have made close to a million strombolis out of it and it looks almost new.

We are also happy with our True units. Currently we have a True makeline we bought used and have had for about 8 years and double door freezer we bought new and have had for 16 years. Used to have a couple of 2 door units at another location that were 6-8 years old and came with the place and lasted us 10 more years without problems until we sold them. Buyer has been using them now for another 6 years. Not only reliable, but when work is needed someday, parts are easy to find.

Thanks guys, I will buy true then for sure. I’m buying new and paying cash. Sales are booming! Anyone else?

True is a good unit.

George Mills