i NEED driver jackets...who has the answer?

I don’t want to be spending $50 a jacket…who has a good idea for me…??


Big Sal

I have the outter cover of a all season jacket the drivers wear over the top of their own jacket. You could also use a wind breaker for the same idea.

What type of jacket? I have a few wholesale accounts at clothing distributors. Maybe I can get you the jackets and you can get them embroidered locally. I can even get them embroidered if you like.

check out the outerwear at www.bodekandrhodes.com and let me know if there is something you want a price quote on.

we used to get our drivers zippered, hooded sweatshirts and have them silkscreened. The first one was free, but if they got trashed we replaced them and charged them for their replacement jacket.

Just go with a real light wind breaker jacket XXXL. My drivers where their coats under ours. Our they just layer with tshirt, work shirt, sweater then our jacket.

Think of it more as something they wear to advertise, not to keep them warm.


Todd do you know my friend Randy Fox??

thanks to everyone here…I found some jackets today…

Big Sal

I sure do. We met a couple years ago and see each other at functions every now and then.

The guy is incredible ! He has so much energy and his stores rock !

How do you know him ?

I;ve known him since he ran the Dominos right behind my home in Reston…Vocelli sent a rep to see me about turning my store into a Vocelli’s but I declined…

Randy runs a good show I talk to him every day or so…just a few minutes…

Big Sal

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