I need help with my dough

We have an issue with our pizzas coming out with a white crust with no color on the crust at all. We use a Lincoln Impinger 1301 electric oven with the Temperature set to 440 degrees Fahrenheit and cook time of 5 minutes.
Our dough recipe is:
25 ponds bag of gold medal superlative –bakers enriched flour bleached
7 ounces of salt
8 ounces sugar
.8 instant yeast
10 ounces olive oil
7 liters of Water-room temperature
Mixing Order:
mix until the dough has formed then add the olive oil
total mix of about 12-15 minutes
Preparing the dough:
We measure out 30 ounce dough balls and spray the dough trays with oil, place the trays crossed in the walk-in cooler for about 2-3 hours then stack them with the top one closed as well.
Dough is used the next day its flattened out with a dough pro, docked, placed on a perforated baking tray with the ingredients and then cooked on the conveyor for 5 minutes. The pizza actually tastes pretty good, and the cheese looks perfect. The only issue is the crust has no color.