i need my dough doctored

how do I figure out the measurements for the ingredients for dough (example) water, olive oil water etc… I am making dough similar to little caesars starting with 25 pound bags of flour please help

Is your recipe in bakers percentage format?

i am guessing that’s what it is

There have been a few discussions on this subject in the past…Maybe you can find some info in the archives…

Maybe this will help: http://www.artisanbakers.com/percentage.html

The easiest way (for me anyways) since you are starting with 25# of flour, is tosimply divide the numbers by four.

lets say this is your recipe
100% flour
60% water
Yada yada yada
dividing it by four would give you a recipe that resembles this’
25# of flour
15# of water and so on.

If you want to make this real easy, start with 10 pounds of flour, and just move the decimal point over.
I do my batches using with 20 pounds of flour ( I’m forced to blend 2 different flours to get the crust that I want) so I move the decimal point over, and then double it. Easy peasy

I would suggest using a digital scale with 2 digits to the right of the decimal point, and make sure those 25 pound bags of flour actually yield 25 pounds, if you are over or short, it’ll throw everything off and your dough will be inconsistent.
I was able to get an ancient Hobart calculating/printing deli scale for a fair price years ago. and we use that for scaling our dough ingredients. Doing this on a simple analog portioning scale will be very difficult. A balance scale would also be a good choice