I need some new specials for my new menu

So i am getting new menus from mypizzapromo, I need 5 or 6 new specials for my coupons.

We are a higher end pizza place with ZERO competition. we are 1 of 3 restaurants in the town of 2000 old people

Anyways, currently we offer these specials

2 large 2 toppings 25.99
tuesday two topping for the price of a cheese 12.99
and a meduim combo pizza with two small salads for 19.99 ( for dine in)

I need some new ideas on coupons

please let me know of some good ones

my 2 best specials are

large 2 topping pizza
10 breadsticks
10 wings
2 liter pop

lg 2 topping pizza
10 breadsticks
family salad

Check out my specials on my site at www.dontespizzeria.com

Plus, if you PM me your email, I will send you an attachment for our new specials starting 2/1

Free pint of Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream with a 16" pizza. Your cost is about $2.65.

We go through a LOT of pints.

Bob, i like your idea.

alot accutaly

Old people tend to be thrifty and not eat as much. I’m not sure either of those specials would appeal to seniors either living alone or with their spouse.